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About the Journal

Obesity: Open access ( ISSN 2380-5528 ) is a high quality journal that has been set up by SCI FORSCHEN to ensure that all the research and general information related to obesity is collected in one place for the easy perusal of anyone who wishes to keep themselves informed on all the latest developments in this field. Obesity is a major problem in a lot of developed countries today. An increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and the abundance of unhealthy processed food has led to a veritable epidemic of obesity. The average weights of people in most of the developed world has gone up in the past decade, and brought along a host of diseases that are caused by obesity. Heart problems and diabetes are commonly associated with obesity, along with several problems related to joints, and body pain issues. Scientists are trying to find cures for the problem and any research work that SCI FORSCHEN can make available to them, will only serve to aid them. The journal of Obesity is a high quality compendium of articles and research material created by experts in the field of obesity and checked for quality by eminent names in this field.