peer review proccess form sci forschen

Peer Review Process

Sci Forschen offers 51 open access journals featuring thousands of manuscripts by internationally renowned researchers. All submissions are reviewed for acceptance by our peer reviewers. Our peer review process is explained in detail below.

What is Peer Review?

Peer review is a well-established scholarly practice in which your manuscript is analyzed by a panel of experts in your field, who deliver input on how the manuscript can be improved – or decide if it’s ready to be published as is. To make sure every aspect of your manuscript is put to careful scrutiny, we assignit to multiple reviewers who each provide their individual view on the paper. This occurs through a double-blind process.

The author is advised to make the revisions recommended by peer reviewers and then to resubmit the manuscript. Upon resubmission, the manuscript is again reviewed by peer reviewers, which may or may not be the same individuals who performed the initial review. This process is repeated until thejournal’s editorial board deems the manuscript ready for publishing. 

Sci Forschen makes integrity a priority, and we do everything possible to make sure no substandard work is ever published. The peer review process is iterative and is a true partnership on paper between our authors and our reviewers and board members.

Our Journals follows ICMJE Recomendations.