why publish with sci forschen

Why Publish With Us?

SCI FORSCHEN publishes high quality and highly informative journals with a motive to encourage further research in several scientific fields. The articles published in the SCI FORSCHEN journals are checked and verified by the peer review process, in which the reviewers check the manuscripts and provides their comments and reviews regarding the content in the manuscripts. The Editorial Board appoints the reviewers to check the quality of the manuscripts submitted by different authors once the reviewers have checked the manuscripts and then the reviewers give the report about the manuscripts to the Editor. The reviewers of the SCI FORSCHEN always provide accurate and precise review reports. The articles published in the journals contain complete information about the concerned topic and are plagiarism free. The articles here provide useful information to the researches for their new research, as new research can only be done by seeking information from the old ones. As an author you have always desired that your work should be appreciated and is accessible to a large number of audience, SCI FORSCHEN makes sure that your work is appreciated worldwide.

Open Access

In SCI FORSCHEN as soon as your research article is published it will be freely available to everybody. There is no such subscription fee or registration fee, readers can access every article in the journal absolutely free. The articles are accessible from any part of the world at any time. SCI FORSCHEN allows facile collaboration among the editors, reviewers and authors, to make sure the work published is of high quality.

Fast and accurate peer review

The article review system in the SCI FORSCHEN is based on the peer review process. Before publishing the articles submitted by numerous authors are thoroughly reviewed by the reviewers and the reviewers make sure that the article is of supreme quality. The reviewer is the person who has expertise in the scientific field upon which article is based on. The articles in the SCI FORSCHEN journals are known for their accuracy and quality.

The reviewers and the editor maintain the confidentiality regarding the author and his work unless the article is published. Our reviewers perform the peer review process in an unbiased manner. SCI FORSCHEN make sure that the reviewers perform the review without any personal and professional disputes and provide an appropriate and accurate review report. Only high quality and unique articles are published in the SCI FORSCHEN journals. All our articles will be very useful if you are a research scholar, you can take references from our articles and take ideas and tips regarding your research topic.