Diabetes Research and Therapy-Sci Forschen

About the Journal

The journal of Diabetes Research and Therapy ( ISSN 2380-5544 ) is a high quality open access journal meant to collect and index peer reviewed articles pertaining to the research and development surrounding diabetes. Authors can submit articles that discuss the diagnosis, treatment or control of diabetes, which is a disease caused by a problem in insulin production in the human body, that leads to a number of issues with the functioning of the body.

One of the most common metabolism related disorders that afflict the human body, diabetes is rampant in people all over the world. The disease first takes root in the body when carbohydrate synthesis is affected and the body is unable to produce enough insulin to control body sugar levels. Diabetes as a disease can lead to several complications in the body and often affects the healing power of the body, thus making it vulnerable to a number of other diseases. At the moment, most treatments surrounding this disease rely on artificial insulin creators that help regulate sugar levels in the body, but do little to help the body regain its own insulin production capabilities. Several researchers in the medical field are currently working on creating better diagnostic tools for this disease, and just as many experts are dedicated to finding better treatments for it. SCI FORSCHEN has created this journal with the hopes that researchers will come together to combine their knowledge about this disease and make a large enough knowledge repository that ultimately leads to better treatments for diabetes.