Clinical Research: Open Access-Sci Forschen

About the Journal

The Journal of Clinical Research ( ISSN 2469-6714 ) is an open access platform that publishes high quality articles regarding the field of clinical research. The open access platform has been created by SCI FORSCHEN as a part of the bigger project to collect high quality research work that leading scientists and scholars from all over the world are working on. A quality and up to date collection of research material is essential for any field that has thousands of individuals working on different aspects of the problem that often link to each other. Instead of repeating each research again and again, scholars often rely on the work that their peers have done to save time, and also make their work more authentic by citing verified and published research work. The easier availability of such research material also makes it possible for those new to the field to quickly catch up with all the latest developments and delve right into the more advanced fields with minimum complexity and without facing any significant entry barriers.


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