Frequently Asked Questions

SCI FORSCHEN is an open access journal for scholars and research professionals from all over the world. We have tried to answer all common queries that we get from our visitors and members in this section. If you cannot find your doubt here, you can send us an email by clicking here.


SCI FORSCHEN is a high quality publication service for researchers and scholars and offers them an open access platform where they can easily share their hard work. We ensure high visibility for all submitted articles, and take care that your manuscript is in perfect condition before it is shared with the world. We also make sure that your work is available to everyone, make it easier to find, and that it can be accessed by anyone with a working internet connection.

What is an open access journal?

An open access journal is a collection of articles submitted by research scholars, and can be accessed by anyone in the world without having to pay some form of fee first.

Does SCI FORSCHEN follow all guidelines for an open access journal?

Yes. SCI FORSCHEN ensures that it adheres to every list of requirements that a publication needs to meet in order to be qualified to address itself as an open access publication.

How do you ensure that the manuscripts included in your journal offer quality to scholars?

SCI FORSCHEN practices the peer review approach to ensure that every article that is published in our journal meets the expectations of quality that our users have. Peer review is a well established procedure among the scholarly community and can be successfully used to get high quality manuscripts with the least bit of hassle. Peer review also makes a manuscript more authentic and serves to increase its reliability.

What kind of manuscripts does SCI FORSCHEN accept?

We accept research papers, case studies, reviews, letters and other communications, thesis, editorials, and reports.

What word count limitations do you impose on a manuscript?

There is no limitation on how long a manuscript can be. Editorials need to be a maximum of 3 pages though.

What are your policies regarding copyright over submitted manuscripts?

SCI FORSCHEN only acts as a platform where articles and research material is published and shared with the world. We do not claim any ownership over the product, and encourage our authors to use the Creative Commons Attributes licenses to ensure that they remain the legal owners of the work that they submit to us. However, our open access structure requires that all articles published through us remain accessible for free to the entire community.

How do you calculate the impact of a journal?

Every journal adds value to our collection, but well written manuscripts on topics that are popular and are found useful by a large number of people are considered to have a higher impact. SCI FORSCHEN uses the number of times an article has been cited to calculate its impact

What does SCI FORSCHEN charge for the publication of a manuscript?

SCI FORSCHEN has a variable pricing policy for the publication of an article. We understand that not every scholar has access to the same kinds of resources, and scholars from developing countries in particular are given a hefty discount in order to encourage them. This classification is made based on the economies classified by the World Bank

Low income countries: $950*

Medium income countries: $1450*

High income countries: $2250*

*Charges may vary depending on the journal; please refer to the journal’s page

Once an article has been reviewed and approved for publishing, you need to pay the publication charges before we can include it in our journal.

Why does Sci Forschen charge authors?

As an open access publication, we need to ensure that all articles we publish are always available to the scholarly community. The charges of maintaining a server, domain name, and the cost of getting manuscripts reviewed while ensuring high quality are all things that incur significant expenses. We do not display advertisements on our website, and we also do not levy any form of subscription charges on our users. Thus the cost has to be borne by the authors, to whom we provide a quality medium for sharing their work, and helping them ensure high quality of their manuscripts. Our partner authors, and a limited number of sponsorship offers from universities and corporations are our only means of accruing the funds needed to make SCI FORSCHEN a reality.

How long does it take you to review and publish any manuscript that I publish?

Our standard wait time for any submission is 45 days. Within this time we will review the manuscript that you have submitted to us, get it peer reviewed, and then let you know whether it meets the standards of quality that we have set for our journal.