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SCI FORSCHEN offers easy and free access to cutting edge research work that is accumulated from researchers all over the world. We seek support from organizations and universities that would like to gain more affordable and enhanced access to our open access journals. Publicly funded researches are always welcome to publish their work using one of the 37 journals that SCI FORSCHEN operates for the international community of expert researchers. The support we seek from you is monetary in nature and allows us to continue to offer high class publishing services to the authors that need a high exposure and reputed platform for their work.

Experts Panel

Getting together a panel of experts to work as the editorial board, and finding credible researchers who can participate in the peer review process, require monetary remunerations that are often not possible from the publishing charges that the journal levies on authors for publishing their work. The publishing charges are also not a steady source of finances, and SCI FORSCHEN needs to have access to a fixed source of resources for its various needs. As such, we invite support in the form of organizational subscription from leading universities and research organizations from all over the world. For a single contribution on a yearly basis, not only will you be supporting a quality open access platform that promotes high end research in various fields of science and medicine, you will also be offering the various researchers and scholars that are a part of your organization cheaper and more comprehensive access to our journals.


There are several advantages to supporting SCI FORSCHEN as an organization. Besides the obvious satisfaction of knowing that you will be directly supporting a quality open access platform that offers superb services to scholars and researchers, you will also receive several direct advantages as well. Authors that are part of the organizations that support us are allowed unfettered access to the journals and they can have their articles published without having to pay any sort of publishing fee. Not only this, the authors can publish as many articles as they want and there is no limit imposed by SCI FORSCHEN on the number of manuscript that the members of the organization can submit to us.

Support is accepted from organizations in the form of subscriptions and is available on a per journal basis. Support the journal for which you have a large number of researchers in your organization, and ensure that all of them can access our service and have their articles published without having to pay any further charges. SCI FORSCHEN will also ensure greater exposure for your members by promoting the articles across the internet with the many tools that are at our disposal. If you have several departments in your organization, you can support all the related journals to ensure the best results for the researchers and scholars that are a part of your organization. We also offer customized online marketing services for all the articles that are submitted by any member of your organization if you opt for that service, thus giving an even further reach to their hard work and years of research.


You can support as many journals as you want, and free access to your researchers is only provided for the journals that you support. Quickly get quality work submitted into a prestigious journal and improve the chances of the scholars working with you to create their own personal standing in the community. Special provisions can be made at times if a researcher needs to submit an article to a journal that is not being supported by his organization, and in such cases we advice the authors to contact our editorial team before they submit the manuscript for the peer review process.