Neurology and Neurobiology-Sci Forschen

About the Journal

Journal of Neurology and Neurobiology by SCI FORSCHEN is a leading edge peer reviewed journal that has been created to accumulate the latest research material regarding the identification, management and treatment of diseases that affect the central, peripheral or autonomous nervous system of the human body. The journal is part of the ongoing effort by SCI FORSCHEN to consolidate and vet all the research information that is resulting from the state of the art research work being done in this area by individuals, research labs, universities, medical labs, and corporate research facilities.

The human brain is one of the most complicated structures in or body, and has attracted the attention of scholar, academicians and researchers for centuries. We delve deeper into the human brain each year and have started identifying how our brain works, and where do so many of our sensations stem from. Researchers have also begun to isolate portions of the brain responsible for certain activities, and targeting them synthetically to recreate those familiar sensations. All of this makes up for a highly interesting research work area, and should be made freely available to anyone who wishes to learn more about our nervous system. The oddest collection of information from different sources can sometimes lead to breakthroughs that forever change the entire landscape of the domain, and for this reason, information pertinent to neurology should be out in the open and free to access for everyone.