HIV and AIDS-Sci Forschen

Aims and Scope

JHA commits to publishing the result of research and clinical practice in HIV/AIDS, stressing out antiretroviral therapies, behavioral aspects of health management, and metabolic complications and comorbidities. Likewise, the journal is attentive to medical diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS, spread, resistance, prevention of infections appealing to an international audience of professionals, scholars, internists, residents, and researchers, avid for the most updated and substantial medical progress in the fight against HIV.

Core areas of interest of JHA include the body immune response, Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS diagnosis, HIV/AIDS management, prevention, and economic impact. Moreover, JHA focuses on therapy comparative assessment, HIV early detection and monitoring, HIV in pregnancy and Neonatology, Public Health Services and implementation of HIV/AIDS educational programs for human development.

The journal contributions elaborate on existing and emerging methods to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent the disorders associated with HIV/AIDS. The journal delves into distinctive papers, which prioritize merit, clarity, uniqueness, applicability, and appeal to the readership. Virologists, infectologists, epidemiologists, internists specialized in AIDS care, clinical researchers, Social Work professionals, and Psychologists are among the contributors of articles to JHA.

JHA is peer-reviewed by international experts to ascertain the scientific worth and clinical significance of its varied content.

Call for submissions

The Journal of HIV and AIDS publishes primary full-length articles in Virology and Immunology, AIDS Pathology, Pediatric HIV/AIDS, Behavioral Science, translational research and clinical practice, which are multidisciplinary. The Editor keenly encourages clinical aspects and knowledge from the most diverse medical disciplines and insights into prevention Medicine, clinical practice and nursing in the form of case reports, reviews and evaluations, guidelines, expert opinion and commentary. Proposed manuscripts on HIV/AIDS research implemented in low and middle-income countries are most welcome. Similarly, JHA is interested in trials of new therapies or methods of HIV/AIDS management that will have an impact on the understanding of patients’ disease progression and health. Moreover, authors may propose mini reviews (by invitation from the Editor), and letters to the Editor.

Subjects covered by the Journal
  • AIDS/HIV Awareness
  • AIDS Dementia Complex
  • Alternative medicine
  • Antivirals new formulations, treatments, and combination therapies
  • Antiviral Therapy
  • Antivirals
  • BehaviouralSciences and Epidemiology
  • Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • CDC Classification System for HIV Infection
  • Circumcision and HIV
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Clinicopathologicalmanifestations
  • Co-infections
  • Combination Therapies
  • Comparative assessments of therapies
  • Complications of HIV infection
  • Patient education and health curricula
  • Countries by AIDS Prevalence Rate
  • Defining AIDS Clinical Condition
  • R&D of drugs with novel mechanisms of action
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of HIV Infection
  • Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS
  • Diagnostics, early detection and monitoring
  • Diffuse Infiltrative Lymphocytosis Syndrome
  • Drug research
  • Early detection and monitoring
  • Economic impact
  • Epidemiology of HIV
  • Epidemiology of HIV spread and resistance
  • Gay Bowel Syndrome
  • Health economics and public health policy
  • HIV
  • HIV disease progression rates
  • HIV drug resistance databases
  • HIV infection and pregnancy
  • HIV Prevention Science
  • HIV superinfection
  • HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy
  • HIV-Associated Nephropathy
  • HIV-Associated Pruritus
  • HIV/AIDS Denialism
  • HIV/AIDS Research
  • Human Retroviruses
  • Identification of viral targets
  • AIDS associated disorders
  • Management of HIV/AIDS         
  • Opportunistic Infections
  • Pathogenicity of HIV/AIDS
  • Patient adherence and quality of life
  • Patient-physician relationship
  • Pediatric HIV and AIDS
  • Pharmacology of HIV Therapy
  • Post-exposure and pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • Present and future therapeutic options
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Public health and HIV prevention
  • Sex Education
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Specialists case reports
  • Spread, resistance and prevention methods
  • Structure and genome of HIV
  • Subtypes of HIV
  • Super AIDS
  • Treatment failure and resistance testing
  • Treatment of associated disorders
  • Treatment of HIV infection
  • Tuberculosis co-infection
  • Vaccine development
  • Vaccine research
  • Viral pathogenesis
  • Viral targets
  • Viral targets identification
  • Virology and Immunology of HIV/AIDS
  • Virus replication
  • WHO Disease Staging System
  • Behavioral Sciences and Epidemiology
  • Clinicopathological manifestations