Andreas Scorilas
Editor in Chief
Sauid Ishaq, MBBS, FRCP

Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology

Birmingham City University, Birmingham
West Midlands, UK
Phone: 01384244263


MBBS, FRCP 1987 Nishtar Medical College, Pakistan



Professor Ishaq received his specialist training in Scotland, North East and West Midland and has worked at major teaching centres in the Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Aberdeen and Stoke on Trent. He is an experienced Gastroenterologist, interventional endoscopist and bowel cancer screener. He is the first one to introduce endoscopic treatment of Zenker in UK. He has participated in many live international endoscopy workshops and invited as speaker to many international Gastroenterology society meeting. He is reviewer to may peer reviewed journal and is on editorial committee of GHBB. He has worked on project with NICE and NCEPOD.

Research Interest

  • Interventionalendoscopy,colonoscopy.
  • Coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Advance luminal endoscopy
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • EMR, ESD
  • Endoscopic treatment of Zenker
  • Stricture dilatation and stenting
  • Advance imaging in coeliac disease
  • Endoscopic treatment of obesity
  • Gluten and food related disorder
  • Medical education


Professional Activities:

  • MBBS, FRCP London
  • Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology
  • Consultant Gastroenterologist in Russell’s Hall Hospital Dudley
  • Associate Professor of Medicine St George’s University Grenada

Innovative Endoscopy Work:

  • Endoscopic treatment of Zenker diverticulum - we are the only centre in UK to offer this treatment.We presented our work in National BSG and West Midland ENT meeting and one the best prize.
  • EFTR (Endoscopic Full Thickness Resection) - This novel technique to remove submucosal tumour was introduced to me by experts in Shanghai - world first case series of this procedure was published in Endoscopy and I co-authored this paper.
  • Endoscopic treatment of complex colonic polyp- EMR/ESD - learn these technique by world experts in animal workshops in 2005/2006. Now we have established team service to carry such complex endoscopic procedure.
  • Endoscopic mucosal resection of HGD in oesophagus- we are one of the regional centre to offer this treatment.

General professional training and qualifications:

  • Awarded academic title of Professor of medicine and Gastroenterology- BCU- 2014 Current post (from 15.08.06): Consultant Physician in Medicine and Gastroenterology at Russell’s Hall Hospital Dudley as a Consultant Gastroenterologist from 15th August 2006.
  • I have been a Consultant Physician in General Medicine and Gastroenterology working at Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since August 2006.
  • Prior to that I worked as a Consultant Gastroenterologist at Sandwell and City Hospital since 2003. My duties include managing gastrointestinal emergencies, out-patient clinics and carrying out endoscopy procedures. I am also Director of Medical Education for the St George’s Medical School,Grenada, Caribbean and full title of Associate Professor in Medicine
  • I am member of Editorial team of Gastroenterology Journal and international endoscopy web base resource, one of the largest on-line resources available for gastroenterologists (    I am also a PACES examiner and SGQ writing core group for the Royal College of Physicians London.

Competent in the following endoscopic procedures:

  • Upper GI Endoscopy: Diagnostic and Therapeutic:10,000
  • Oesophageal Dilatation/TTS Dilatation Oesophageal Stent Placement
  • Laser/Argon Therapy of exophytic tumours banding of Varices and injection
  • Clipping of bleeding ulcers
  • Diathermy and Argon ablation of Angiodysplastic lesion Gastrostomy tube placement/PEJ
  • Endoscopic treatment of Zenker

Colonoscopy: Diagnostic And Therapeutic:5000

  • Polypectomy
  • PEC
  • Diathermy and Cautery of Angiodysplasias Laser destruction of colonic tumours
  • TTS Dilatations

Colonoscopy Trainer

I am faculty member of National colonoscopy training panel and train in England and Northern Ireland

Inflammatory bowel disease:

I have an interest in the management of IBD, particularly the coordinated approach of physicians, surgeons, GI nurse specialists, stoma and nutrition nurse specialist and dieticians together with radiology support, and joint specialist clinic for evaluation and treatment of standard and complex patients.

My interest in clinical nutrition started whilst working with Dr T E Bowling who piloted a Multidisciplinary Nutrition Support Team in North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust. I enjoyed being part of the nutrition support team in Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Coeliac Disease

I collaborate with world expert including Professor David Sanders and Chris Mulder and have particular interest in gluten sensitivity and application of advanced imaging in the diagnosis and assessment of celiac disease.



A)  Ongoing Clinical Trials (Principal Investigator Dgoh)

G-Eye Study:

Principal investigator of this Prospective randomized trial to compare the clinical efficiency (Adenoma Detection Rate)of G-EYE™ HD Colonoscopy with Standard HD Colonoscopy.
We are the only UK site to participate in this European multicentre randomized

Control trial of testing the NaviAid™ G-EYE System for its optical visualization, diagnosis and endoscopic treatment in the gastrointestinal tract.Fesaibility work completed, ethic committee submission in progress.

CReST (ColoRectal Stenting Trial):

I am the principal investigator in this Multicentre national prospective study to look at the role of endoluminal stenting in the acute management of obstructing colorectal cancer. Patients presenting in the emergency setting with left-sided colonic obstruction and radiological features consistent with a carcinoma who are considered to require urgent decompression are randomised to either endoluminal stenting or to surgical decompression with or without resection of the primary tumour. The primary outcome measures are length of hospital stay and 30-day mortality. CReST aims to randomise a minimum of 400 patients over three years, which would provide 90% power to detect a 0.35sd reduction in days in hospital (equivalent to 1-2 days), or differences in survival of similar magnitude to those reported in audit data (e.g. mortality of 16% following surgery for obstructing colorectal cancer and 4% following elective surgery).

CONSTRUCT Trial (COmparison of Infliximab and Cyclosporine in STeroid Resistant Ulcerative Colitis:

Principal investigator of this multicentre trial.The overall aim of this trial is to compare the clinical  and  cost  effectiveness  of  Remicade  and  Sandimmun/Neoral  for  patients  with steroid resistant UC.
Specific objectives are to:

  • Compare QoL across the two treatment groups (Remicade and Sandimmun/Neoral)
  • Compare mortality, disease activity and morbidity across the two treatment groups
  • Compare emergency colectomy rates across the two treatment groups
  • Investigate the views of patients regarding treatments
  • Compare cost effectiveness of the two treatments in terms of cost per quality-adjustedlife- year, using primary data from the two years of the trial and to extend thisComparison by modelling lifetime costs and effects.

B)  Free paper

G-Eye Colonoscopy Significantly Improves Adenoma Detection Rates Initial Results Of A Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study Uegw 2014

  1. Smith M, Widlak M, Molony N, Ishaq S    Endoscopic therapy for Zenker’s diverticulum - a “bridge” too far for gastroenterologists?
  2. Oral presentation BSG 2013; Prize for best in category: Gut 2013;62:Suppl 1 A4 doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2013-304907.009
  3. Flexible endoscopic division of pharyngeal pouches - a “bridge” too far forGastroenterologists? : Mitchell-Innes A*, Smith M, Widlak M, Molony N, Ishaq S, Oral presentation MIO 2013; Prize for best in category
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  6. Widlak M, Smith M, Yang P, Mahmood R, Ishaq S   Outcomes of Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) of Large Sessile Colonic Polyps    Oral presentation, Midlands
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C) Abstracts

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D)  Bsg Case Of The Months

  • Ishaq S, Cherian PT, Singh P: Case of the Month: February 2004: BSG, "A Therapeutic Ileoscopy”
  • Ishaq S, Green JRB: Infliximab inflicted "BSG case of the month. (November 2004)

E)  Peer reviewed Publications

Microscopic Enteritis: The Bucharest Consensus :Kamran Rostami, David Aldulaimi, Geoffrey   Holmes, Matt W Johnson, Marie   Robert, Amitabh   Srivastava, Jean- François Fléjou, David    S Sanders, Umberto Volta, Mohammad    H Derakhshan, James    J Going, Gabriel   Becheanu, Carlo   Catassi, Mihai Danciu, Luke   Materacki, Kamran   Ghafarzadegan, Sauid   Ishaq, Mohammad   Rostami-Nejad, A Salvador

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Book chapter

Atlas of Digestive Endoscopic resection- Springer 2014- Co-authored and was proof Editor.
Ishaq S, Harrison RF, Jankowski J: Oesophageal superficial cancer: Adenocarcinoma related to Barrett’s oesophagus and Adenoid cystic adenocarcinoma: Superficial Esophageal Neoplasm, pathology, diagnosis and therapy {Book}[Spring-Verlog Tokyo 2002] 169-181.