Aydin Azizi, PhD
Assistant Professor

German University of Technology Research
Focal Point of The Research Council of OMAN (TRC) 
E-mail: aydin.azizi@gutech.edu.om


   2011 - 2014 Ph.D.: Eastern Mediterranean University- Famagusta, Cyprus
Major: Mechanical Engineering- Mechatronics
GPA: 4
   2006 - 2008 MSc.: Sharif University of Technology- Kish, Iran
Major: Mechatronics
GPA: 3.65


 Aydin Azizi is a university professor at the German University of Technology, also he is the Research Focal Point of The Research Council of OMAN (TRC). He’s research area is Mechatronics focusing on developing and investigating different Artificial Intelligent Techniques to model, control and optimize the complex nonlinear systems. Aydin holds BSc. MSc and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering.

Research Interest

Mechatronics, System dynamic simulation, control and optimization, Algorithm development, Artificial Intelligence.

Scientific Activities

Honors and Awards
2016 Honorable Speaker 2nd International Conference and Business Expo on Wireless & Telecommunication, April 2016, Dubai.
2014 High Honored PhD. Student Award Eastern Mediterranean University- Famagusta, Cyprus
2010 Outstanding Research Award Sharif University of Technology- Kish, Iran For the paper entitled: “Optimizing Fuzzy Logic Controller for Diabetes Type I by Genetic Algorithm”
2002 Honorable Committee Member Award Urmia University-Urmia, Iran. For the outstanding performance as Member of the organization committee of second Echo Energy conference- Urmia, Iran


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