Delmar D. Short
Delmar D Short, MD
Associate Professor and Chief

Mental Health Service Line, Salem VAMC


1977 Biological Sciences University of Southern California
1978 Degree- Teaching Credential University of Southern California
1982 Department or field of study- Education University of California, Irvine



I joined the Salem VA Medical Center faculty and staff in 1986 after completing my residency training in psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine.  I was the director of our consultation-liaison psychiatry service for 4.5 years, before I became the Chief of Psychiatry in 1991 (later we transitioned to service lines, so I have been the Chief of our Mental Health Service Line for many years).  At times I have served as acting chief of staff for extended periods and also as acting mental health service line coordinator for our network of eight VA hospitals.
I have been the residency program director of our 4-year program or associate director for a couple of brief periods and wrote the original successful application for the Roanoke Valley residency program.  Prior to this I was the site program director for our one and then two-year psychiatry residency programs.   During that time I taught numerous lectures and seminars to the residents and sometimes students, and I still do a number of lectures each year for students and residents and am often asked to do medicine grand rounds here.
I have co-edited one textbook, Primary Care Medicine for Psychiatrists, and have also published a book chapter on the psychopharmacologic treatment of anxiety disorders.  I wrote two of the chapters of another textbook, “Essential Psychopathology Casebook”, published in 2014.  I was an invited first author of a book chapter/article for Psychiatric Clinics of North America.  I have authored or co-authored a total of over 20 articles.  My research has been mostly at the medicine-psychiatry interface in such areas as psychoneuroendocrinology and psychoneuroimmunology.

Research Interest

  • Medicine-Psychiatry Interface Issues
  • Biological Psychiatry
  • Medications In Certain Co-Morbid Diseases
  • Anxiety Disorders.

Professional Activities:

 Professional/non-academic work positions

Teacher Berendo Junior High School in LA,Ca 1977-1978
Consultation/Liaison Psychiatrist Salem VAMC 1986-1991
Chief Mental Health Service Line 1991-present
Chief of Staff Salem VAMC 1997
Acting Service Line Manager Veterans Integrated Service Network 6 1997-1998
Chief of Staff VA Medical Center, Salem, Virginia 2003-2004
Local Program Director UVA-Affiliated Psychiatry Residency Program
VA Medical Center, Salem, Virginia
November 1986 - 1991
Associate Chairman Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia January 1992 – 2004
Assistant Professor Behavioral Medici and Psychiatry, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia September 1986 - May 1991
Associate Professor Virginia College of Osteopathic  Medicine Since September, 2005
Associate Professor Virginia Tech/Carillion    School of Medicine 2009 to present
Director Carillion- University of Virginia Roanoke-Salem Program, April, 2005 -  Sept, 2006



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