Zizi Abdeen, PhD
Professor of Department of Petrochemicals

Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute
Cairo, Egypt
Phone:  +20 1154459620                                 
E-mail: ziziabdeen@yahoo.com


Degree Institution and Location Year
PhD Ain Shams University 2005
MSc Ain Shams University 2001
BSc Faculty of Sciences, Cairo University 1987


Professor Zizi Abdeen is an Egyptian national. She is a researcher Professor in polymer lab. Petrochemicals dep, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute.  She completed her PhD & M.Sc. degrees in Polymer Chemistry from Ain Shams University, (Egypt), where she also completed her B.Sc., Degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Cairo University, (Egypt).  She main stream research is at the frontier of materials/polymer science and emerging fields such as nanotechnology/nanocomposites. She has a keen interest in the development of intelligent materials based on bio resources such as chitosan and starch through chemical modification and advanced biotechnology processes. He is author of over 27 articles on polymers, biomaterials, hydrogels and nano composites systems and reviewer of over 15 International journals and a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of Polymers and Biomaterials in different International journals. She was sharing as technical committee in more than five international conferences

Research Interest

  • Development of Nano-Microgels
  • Targeted oily water treatment and reused
  • Chitosan and its applications in petroleum field
  • Polymer nanosystems - Metal nanoparticles- Hydrogels

Scientific Activities

The 9th Arab International Conference on Polymer Science & Technology, Hurghada,Egypt 18-22 Nov, 2007
The 3nd International Conference of Chemical  Industries Research Division, Cairo- Egypt 16 -18 Dec, 2008
The 9th International Conference of the European  Chitin Society Venice, Italy 23-26 May, 2009
International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials "Berlin,Germany 25-29 Aug, 2009
The 9th Conference on Solid State of Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic 10-15 Sep, 2010                                             
the xxx international conference on materials science and applications & workshop on functional  materials, marsa alam, egypt 25-28 nov, 2012
the 10th conferenc on colloid chemistry , budapest, hungary 29- 31 Aug, 2012
16th conference for petroleum, mineral resources and development, cairo, egypt 10-12 Feb, 201 
17th conference for petroleum, mineral resources and development, cairo, egypt 9-11 Feb, 2014
18th conference for petroleum, mineral resources and development, cairo, egypt 8-10 Feb, 2015


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Book published
  1. Zizi I. Abdeen, Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials, (201 3 ) , Taylor & Francis .   Title of chapter is: 1:Chitosan: Weight Loss Supplements
  2. Zizi I. Abdeen, Book  of Rubber Nano Blends, Title of chapter is: Polyurethane Rubber-Based Nanoblends: Preparation, Characterization and Applications, 89-103, 2017.

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