Patil J. S.
Patil J. S.
Professor and Principal,

Department of Pharmaceutics,
V.T’s S. S. Jondhle College of Pharmacy,
Thane, India


  • Ph.D. - 2012 - Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore (Al- Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore)
  • M.Pharm - 1997 - Bangalore University, Bangalore (Government College of Pharmacy, Bangalore)
  • B.Pharm - 1994 - Gulbarga University, Gulbarga
  • D.Pharm - 1988 - Board of Examining Authority, Drugs Control Department, Bangalore.



Dr. J. S. Patil received his PhD from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India during the period of 2012. Currently, he is the Professor and Principal in Shri Vithal Education & Research Institute’s College of Pharmacy under Solarpur University. He is serving as Editorial Board Member for many reputed Journals and himself has 32 publications.

Research Interest

Methods to increase bioavailability of Class II and Class III BCS drugs including Nanoparticles, microparticles and liposomes; Chronotherapeutic and site-specific delivery for optimization of drug therapy and Pulmonary delivery for optimization of antitubercular therapy.

Professional Activities:

2014-Present Principal and Professor, V. T’s S. S. Jondhle College of Pharmacy, Asangaon, Tal: Shahapur, Dist. Thane
2012-2014 University Approved regular Principal and Professor SVERI’s College of Pharmacy Gopalpur , Ranjani Road, Gopalpur, Pandharpur
2003-2012 Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics, BLDEA’s College of Pharmacy Bijapur
1998-2003 Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, BVVS’s HSK College of Pharmacy Bagalkot
1997-1998 Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, BLDEA’s College of Pharmacy Bijapur
1994-1995 Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, KRE’s MHG Institute of Pharmacy Bidar


Honors and Awards


Books Authored

  • Books Authored: Authored a Chapter on “Ionotropic Gelation and Polyelectrolyte Complexation Technique: Novel approach for Drug Encapsulation” in Text Book entitled “Hand book of Encapsulation and Controlled Release” published by Taylor and Francis, CRC Press.

Research Publications

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