Mahmud Kajbaf
Mahmud Kajbaf , PhD
Senior Research Scientist of Drug Metabolism

Division of Aptuit


  • 1984-1988 - Ph.D, King’s College, London, UK
  • PhD in Biopharmacy (Drug Metabolism)
  • 1981-1982 - MSc, Aston University in Birmingham, England, Occupational Health and Safety
  • 1973-1976 - BSc, Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, Industrial Hygiene



Dr Mahmud Kajbaf has received his PhD in King’s College, London University during the period of 1984-1988.  Currently, he is working as Senior Scientist at Aptuit Srl. Pharmaceutical Company.His research has included Drug metabolism and mass spectrometry and pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Based on this research and fellowship training he has received several awards and honors, such as: Aptuit CEO Excellence Award, GlaxoSmithKline the psychiatry CEDD Leadership team Award.He is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals likeCurrent Drug Metabolism, Drug Metabolism Letters, The Open Drug Metabolism, Open Drug Metabolism Letters, DARU (Journal of Faculty of Pharmacy Tehran University of Medical Sciences), International Biological &Biomedical Journal, Journal of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems, : Open Access, Cardiovascular Pharmacology.& expert Reviewers for journals like Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology and  Pharmaceutical Sciences, Xenobiotica, Bioanalysis, Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics, Journal of  Drug Metabolism and Toxicology, Journal of Developing Drugs, Advances in Pharmacoepidemiology& Drug Safety, Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis, Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta and OMICS Publishing Group. He has authored 31.research articles.


Research Interest

Drug metaboilism, Mass spectrometry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Professional Activities:

26Oct 2010-present Senior Research Scientist Drug Metabolism Division of Aptuit, Verona, Italy
1992–25 Oct 2010 Senior Research Scientist Drug Metabolism Division of Glaxo/GlaxoWellcome/GlaxoSmithKline (Psychiatry /neurosciences CEDD DMPK),Verona, Italy
1989-1992 Research Scientist Medical Research Council (Toxicology Unit).
1987-1988 Postdoctoral Research Fellow King's College


Honors and Awards


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