Shi Yang, MB, MMSc
Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA, USA
Phone: 617-414-5057


  • Bachelor of Medicine (MB), Hebei Medical College, China - 1983
  • Master of Medicine (MM), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/China Union Med. Univ
  • Graduate School, Beijing, China - 1986
Academic Training

University MB

  • 1978-83    Hebei Medical College, Shi JiaZhuang, Hebei Province, P.R. China
  • 1978-80    Basic Medicine
  • 1980-82    Clinical Medicine
  • 1982-83    Resident Interns
Post Graduate School Master of Medicine-Cancer Pathology
  • 1983-1986 - Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China Union Medical                      University Graduate School, Beijing, China.


I have been working in the Mallory Institute of Pathology for more than 25 years (started June 1990) as a research associate and then senior scientific staff. Early works were concentrated on the cell biology of colorectal adenomas. I have done culturing and measuring the cell proliferation of adenoma cells both in vitro and in vivo by organ culture and immunohistochemistry. I have been working on the Molecular Pathology for more than 14 years and attended numerous training sessions of PCR and other molecular techniques in research and clinical diagnostic area. As the demand of the department and my research, I have set up the GI research laboratory and the Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratories in 1993 and 1996. I am currently working on the molecular diagnostics of tumors and infectious diseases. Other research areas include breast cancer research. Those involve the detection of AhR and NF-kB expression in animal tissue by immunohistochemistry. My expertise areas are histology, Immunohistochemistry, cell (tissue, organ) culture, molecular biology emphasized on the application of these techniques to clinical diagnostic purposes (i.e. tumor, genetic disease and infectious disease).  During past 25 years I have also involved in a number of teaching opportunities. These include teaching and training of Medical residents in the Department of Pathology, technicians, and fellows for their medical training as well as assisting some of their interested research projects. I have also taught and Co-advised several graduate students on their research projects include MA and PhD students both as co-adviser and thesis defense committee.  Regular teaching include Path PA710 and PA 600/700 courses for consecutive 6 years.

Research Interest

  • In-vitro studies of cell proliferation and genetic changes in colorectal adenomas and carcinomas-Serrated Polyp Neoplasia pathway.
  • The role of c-myc in breast cancer carcinogenesis.
  • Dietary and chemical prevention of cancer in animal models-green tea.
  • Molecular Oncology in the field of solid tumors.
  • Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases.
  • Lymphoma: Molecular Diagnostic techniques, research and development.
  • Molecular and Cellular biology.
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Pathology, Diagnostic Molecular
  • Carcinogenesis in Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer

Scientific Activities

1989-91 Assistant Professor Department of Pathology, North-China Coal-miner Medical College, China
1990-92    Research Associate Mallory Institute of Pathology, Boston University Medical Center, Boston MA
1992-2011 Research Associate/Senior Scientific Staff member Mallory Institute of Pathology, Boston Medical Center, Boston MA
1992-2011 Assistant professor Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston MA
1993 Member Breast Cancer Research program project
2005 Member Cancer Research Center, Boston University School of Medicine
2006 Member Women’s Health Interdisciplinary Research Center (WHIRC), BUMC
2008 Founding member Genomic Science Institute (GSI), Boston University
2008 Faculty Member Division of Graduated Medical Sciences, BUMS
2011 Research Faculty Cytology Fellowship Program at Department of Anatomic Pathology, Boston Medical Center
2011 Associate Professor Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston  MA
Professional Societies
  • 10/1991 -  Member of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)        
  • 03/2008 -  Member, Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP-ASIP)
  • 05/2009 -  Member, United States and Canadian College of Pathologist (USCAP)


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