Pranab Kumar Das, Ph.D
Professor of Pathology

Academic Medical Center
Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • 1969 - Ph.D., University of London, UK



Research Interest

  • Inflammation, Immunity, Infection (leprosy/tuberculosis/related mycobacterioses)
  • Cancer (melanoma/relate skin cancer cancers; Glyoma, Colon cancer)
  • Genetics, Cardiovascular pathology (note atherosclerosis Pathology of IBD)
  • Autoimmunity/idiopathic diseases, in general (specially psoriasis/vitiligo/related skin inflammatory diseases) development ex vivo model.

Scientific Activities

  • Supervisor & Collaborators in the Production of about > 28 Ph.D. , 17 M.Phil and more than 40 M.ScĀ  theses at the Univ. Amsterdam,/ Groningen/Leiden, Netherlands ; University of London, UK; Univ. Hong Kong, Hong Kong ; Univ. Cairo /University of Mansura, Egypt.
  • Reviewer of several Peer viewed journals in the field of Immunology, Pathology, Dermatology Biochemistry. Clinical chemistry, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, IBD and cell biology etc.
  • Members of the Editorial Board in Topics Open Journal of Dermatology and Open Journal of Toxicology {Bentham Publisher] and Plos neglected diseases.
  • Reviewer of Research grant proposals from a) Austrian Academic Science, b) Welcome Trust UK, c) Dutch Medical Research Council, d)Royal Dutch Academy of Science, e) Endowment Fund Trust of various UK Hospitals; f) Platform animal alternative, Dutch Medical Research Council etc. g) Telethon program Grant; h) Catalan TV-Foundation Programme Grant; i) Proctor-Gamble programme grants
  • Numerous Research Grant Holders from Different (National and International) Scientific Bodies, Research Foundations and Industries around the world.
  • Several momentos as invited speaker at various international congresses and symposia.
  • Organizer and co-coordinator of numerous special sessions in several congresses.
  • Founder and coordinator of Prestigious lecture cycle’s e.g. TIRC at AMC-UvA.
  • Organiser of Leprosy courses in Philippine; Tropical Immunology Symposium in Brazil; and Philippine.
  • Regular Guest Professorial Activities at the various Universities in U.S.A., India, Brazil, Egypt and Thailand.
  • Infection (leprosy-mycobacterial infection) and Immunity (autoimmunity and Idiopathic disease); Cancer, Experimental models to study Tissue specific Immunopathology.
  • A Short List of Publication List out of a total of 230 or complete list of Publication can be provided on request] Citation Credibility: Hirsch Index of 34-35 as recorded in March 2011.


  1. Original articles In International Peer reviewed Journal n= 190 plus chapters in the Book 20+ Popularizing articles 20 totaling about 226

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