Michael Alperovich, MD
Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery
  • Yale University School of Medicine
    Connecticut, USA
    Email:  alperovich@post.harvard.edu
    Phone: (203) 895-5060


Institution and Location DEGREE   Year Field of Study
Harvard University MA 2004 Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Cambridge
Oxford University MSC 2007 Master of Science in Biology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine MD 2009 Doctor of Medicine


A native of Connecticut, Dr. Michael Alperovich was recruited back to the state after spending the past seven years practicing in New York City. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, attended the University of Oxford for graduate school receiving Distinction honors, and graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Alperovich completed an integrated plastic surgery residency and a craniofacial fellowship at New York University's Department of Plastic Surgery.

He has authored over thirty peer-reviewed publications and multiple plastic surgery book chapters. A two-time recipient of the Blair Rogers research award during training, he has presented nationally and internationally in the areas of autologous and implant-based breast reconstruction and craniofacial surgery. He serves on the Editorial Board of two plastic surgery journals, Plastic and Aesthetic Research and Breast Diseases Research, as well as contributes as an ad hoc reviewer for several other journals.

Research Interest

Cleft lip, cleft palate, ear deformities, microtia reconstruction, facial trauma, rhinoplasty (aesthetic and functional), craniofacial disorders, Pierre Robin sequence, Treacher Collins syndrome, and facial aesthetic surgery.

Scientific Activities

Positions and Honors
2003 John Harvard Scholarship
2004 Dunster House Athlete of the Year
2004 magna cum laude awarded by Harvard University for a Bachelor of Arts degree
2006 United States Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship
2007 Distinction awarded by the University of Oxford for a Master of Science degree
2009 Max Kade Fellowship from the American Austrian Foundation
2009 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
2014 Blair Rogers Research Award
2015 Blair Rogers Research Award


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