Chaur-Dong Hsu, MD, MPH, FACOG
Fei-Peng Lee, MD
Professor of otolaryngology





1973- 1980

M.D.( Doctor of Medicine)

Taipei Medical University



Fei-Peng Lee, is a Superintendent of Taipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital. He also acted as a president as of Taiwan Health Insurance Association. He qualified as a Qualified Specialist in Otolaryngology, Taiwan Otolaryngological Society. He received Prize of Excellent Paper, Taiwan Otolaryngological Society. He published many papers in national and international journals.

Research Interest

Otolaryngology, Head and neck cancer surgery, middle ear surgery, Nose Surgery, General ENT diseases


Scientific Activities:

Positions and Honors


Best Intern, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital


Prize of Excellent Paper, Taiwan Otolaryngological Society



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