Papadopoulou Lefkothea
Shadi Dalili, PhD
Associate Professor Physical and Environmental Sciences
  • University of Toronto, Scarborough
    Ontario, Scarborough, Canada
    Phone: (416) 287-7215



  • M.Sc. University of Toronto, St. George Campus (2001)
  • Ph.D. University of Toronto, St. George Campus (2005)


My current research interests are primarily focused in the area of organic synthesis with medicinal applications, particularly the synthesis of small molecules with potential to sensitize cells to death receptor ligands. In addition, I am working on developing new undergraduate experiments which incorporate stereochemistry principles as well as micro-scale techniques into the laboratory curriculum. I have initiated new pedagogical methods of teaching chemistry concepts using case studies and implemented class participation through iClicker technology.

I have received the following awards and grants in support of my teaching and I am also in the process of publishing a case study for teaching organic structures and functionality, as well as our findings on the impact of lab skills seminars and extra credit projects on student learning in chemistry.

Research Interest

  • Organic Synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Scientific Activities:



Nominated for Professor of the Year Award


Nominated for UTSC Faculty Teaching Award


Dean’s Special Merit Award



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