Papadopoulou Lefkothea
Kyser T Kurtis, PhD
Full Professor
  • Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
    Queen’s University
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Phone: +1 613 533-6179


Ph.D., Geology

University of California (Berkeley)


M.A., Geology

University of California (Berkeley)


B.Sc., Chemistry with specialization in Earth Science

University of California (San Diego)




Kurt Kyser is currently the director of QFIR, the Queen’s Facility for Isotope Research at Queen’s University in Canada, with research interests that are focussed on using an integrated approach to understand the interactions between the geosphere and biosphere. Inasmuch as both reservoirs contain H, C, O and S as well as trace elements, use of the isotopes of these elements in well-characterized samples can trace the origin, evolution, and timing of geosphere-biosphere interactions. This approach fosters collaboration, and he has profited from research ventures involving scientists from Canada, USA, Europe, Africa and Australia, and from many in the ecological, mineral and environmental industries. This research normally involves extensive fieldwork in addition to laboratory work and the graduate students, PDFs and technical staff he advises are trained in field techniques, encouraged to develop their research skills and to publish their results. His research programs are designed such that there is a balance between pure and applied research, a balance that is normally perpetuated by others in their professional careers.He has over 300 refereed publications, 4 books, trained 100 graduate students who currently have positions with universities, government and industry around the world, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Research Interest

Kurt Kyser received his BSc in Chemistry from UC San Diego and his M.A. and Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. He is currently the director of QFIR, the Queen’s Facility for Isotope Research at Queen’s University in Canada. The interests of his research group include applied isotope geochemistry, geosphere-biosphere interactions, and environmental and exploration geochemistry, with emphasis on both pure and applied science The current focus of his research is on developing new technologies to help formulate effective exploration for ore deposits, understand how elements migrate in the near-surface environment, and developing management strategies for natural resources.

Scientific Activities:

Academic Honours
  • Queen’s Research Chair, 2004-present
  • Killam Research Fellow, 2007-09
  • Distinguished Lecturer, Association of Applied Geochemists, 2008-09
  • Willet G. Miller Medal, Royal Society of Canada, 2005
  • Best Professional Presentation, International Association of Applied Geochemists, 2005
  • Hawley Medal, Mineralogical Association of Canada, 2003
  • Mineralogical Association of Canada Past President’s Medal, 2001
  • Fellow Mineralogical Society of America, 1999
  • Fellow Royal Society of Canada, 1997-present
  • Geological Association of Canada Past President's Medal, 1996
  • Queen's National Scholar, 1995
  • E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, 1993-95



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