Alexander P Lyubartsev, PhD
Professor of Materials and Environmental Chemistry



Graduated from St.Petersburg (Leningrad) State University

Physical Faculty


PhD:  in Physics, St.Petersburg State University

Department of Molecular Biophysics


Post-doc, Stockholm University

Division of Physical Chemistry


Stockholm University

Docent. Physical Chemistry


Alexander Lyubartsev graduated from the Faculty of Physics, St.Petersburg State University, Russia in 1985.  He defended PhD thesis at the department of molecular biophysics of the same university in 1988. He held further junior researcher position at the department of molecular biophysics, St.Petersburg State University 1988-1993. He joined the Stockholm university, department of physical chemistry in 1993, and held post-doc and researcher positions during  1993-2001. In 2001 A.Lyubartsev got a prestigious grant of senior scientist from the Swedish Research Council. From 2007, A.Lyubartsev is a professor of physical chemistry at the department of materials and environmental chemistry, Stockholm University.

Research Interest

Research in development of molecular simulations methodology and applications of simulations to modeling of various biological and material systems. Particularly, development of expanded ensemble method for free energy computations, inverse Monte Carlo approach for multiscale modelling, development of force fields for atomistic simulations. Development of scientific computational software. Use of molecular simulations to investigate properties of lipid bilayers and interactions of drug-related molecules with biological membranes; investigations of the role of electrostatic forces in DNA structure and DNA folding in chromatin, modeling of binding of biomolecules to inorganic surfaces and nanoparticles. Recent research are extended also to the use of molecular simulations to get insight into molecular mechanisms of toxicity.

Scientific Activities:

  • 2007-   Professor in Physical Chemistry, Department of Materials and Environmental, Chemistry, Stockholm University
  • 2001-2007: Senior scientist of the Swedish Research Council, div. of Physical Chemistry,  Stockholm University
  • 1999-2001: Researcher, div. of Physical Chemistry,  Stockholm University
  • 1988-1993: Junior researcher,  Institute of Physics, St.Petersburg State University
Awards, Fellowships
  • 1994: Fellowship of the Wenner-Gren Foundation
  • 1996: Fellowship of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences



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