Papadopoulou Lefkothea
Poto Margherita Paola, PhD
Post Doc at the JCLOS

University of Tromso
Tromso, Norway




Master Degree

European Public Law Centre, Athens, Greece



The University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy



Margherita Paola Poto is currently involved in a three-year Post-Doctoral Project at the University of Tromsø/K.G. Jebsen Center for the Law of the Sea, Tromsø, Norway (2016-2019). She has completed her PhD in Public Law from the University of Pavia in 2006 and her Postdoctoral studies from the MPIL in Heidelberg and the Wageningen University, NL (2009-2010). She has a lecturing experience in multidisciplinary backgrounds to a diversified target audience in both national and international universities, institutions and research institutes (in Asia, Europe and in Africa). She was appointed as external consultant and senior lecturer in Public Procurement and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia; Rwanda; Sierra Leone; Egypt; Tanzania.

Research Interest

  • Comparative Administrative Law, Environmental law, Food safety, Regulatory issues on the integration of Conventional and Traditional medicine, European standards, Non EU countries (related topics: comparative law, Chinese law, Eastern African legal systems, Nanotechnologies and food sciences)
  • Global administrative law (interaction between International Law, European and National Law)
  • Ethics in Public Procurement (International and National Law)
  • Financial supervision in European market (Regulatory frameworks, legal dynamics, sociological studies on the role of independent administrative authorities)


Scientific Activities:

Teaching Experience


Postdoc Researcher, The Arctic University of Norway, Norway


Associate Professor in Administrative Law, University of Turin, Italy


Assistant Professor in Administrative Law, University of Turin, Italy


Lecturer, University of Strategic Sciences, Turin
Lecturer, University of Turin, Italy

Professional Activities and Honors & Awards


Attorney: Special Section Teachers Full Time


Register Order Professional Lawyers Torino


Best thesis award European Public Law Centre, Legrena, Greece


Academic Excellence Scholarship European Public Law Centre, Athens, Greece


Post Doc-Scholarship DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst- German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn)


Two-year scholarship for meritiScuola of Specialization for the Legal Professions, Kingdom


PremioOptime, Excellent University Degree and Excellent University Career, Unione Industriale, Torino



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