N. S. Neki
N. S. Neki

Department of Medicine
Government Medical College and Guru Nanak Dev Hospital




DR. N.S. NEKI is presently working as Professor of Medicine at Government Medical College and Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Amritsar, India. He is also Visiting Professor at Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Mannitoba, St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, Canada and also Visiting Professor at James Cook Hospital, School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, Durham University, United Kingdom. He is also trained Endocrinologist and also Hony. Professor in Clinical Nutrition. He obtained 9 Oration awards till now and honored with 37 Fellowship awards. He is also life member of numerous medical societies. He has presented (Platforms and Posters) presentations and delivered lectures in National and International Conferences including APICON, HSICON, IMSACON, GSICON, IANCON, IACMCON, BPCON. He is also member of various Governing Bodies/Societies and also member Advisory Board of many Medical Journals. He has about 194 publications to and 16 book chapters in his name.

Research Interest

Professional Activities:


  1. Dr. RB Singh Felicitation Award2004, International College of Nutrition (ICN).
  2. Dr. S.S. Rastogi Felicitation Award 2005, International College of Nutrition (ICN).
  3. Dr. J. Nag Memorial Award2006, International College of Nutrition (ICN).
  4. Dr. H. Mori Award 2007, International College of Nutrition (ICN).
  5. Prof. J.C. Patel Award 2008, International College of Nutrition (ICN).
  6. Distt. Administration (Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar) Award2010.
  7. Punjab Govt.  Bhai Jaitaji  State Award, 2011.
  8. IMA State President Appreciation Award 2007.
  9. IMA National President Appreciation Award 2008.
  10. Doctor of Millennium Award2000 by Association of Medical Sciences New Delhi.
  11. Distinguished Service Award by IMA, Amritsar.
  12. Distinguished Service Award by Rotary Club, Amritsar.
  13. Best paper Award by GSICON 2001, Rohtak.
  14. Name Included in American Book-“WHO IS WHO IN THE WORLD”.
  15. Certified Hypertension Specialist by Indian Society of Hypertension , 2010.
  16. Award of Excellence in Science ,GSI,Nov5, 2011, Amritsar
  17. UPSC, Delhi-----Advisor



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