kalra, jawahar (jay)
Roger S. Riley, MD, PhD
Professor and Co-Director

Department of Pathology
VCU Medical Center
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA 23298
Phone: 804-828-0338, Email: rsriley@hsc.vcu.edu


1971 Frostburg State University B.S., Biology
1975 West Virginia University School of Medicine Ph.D. Biochemistry
1978 West Virginia University School of Medicine  M.D.



Roger S. Riley, MD, PhD, FCAP is a professor of pathology at the Virginia Commonwealth University. He is currently Co-Director of the Hematology Laboratory, Director of the Hemostasis Laboratory, and Program Director for the Hematopathology Fellowship Program. He received his PhD in biochemistry and medical degree from West Virginia University. Prior to joining the Department of Pathology at VCU in 1997, he served as Director of the Immunopathology, Histocompatibility, and Flow Cytometry Laboratories at West Virginia University and Texas Tech University, and Director of Hematopathology at West Virginia University. At East Carolina University, he served as Pathologist-In-Charge of Molecular Immunopathology and Histocompatibility Testing and director of the Research Core Flow Cytometry Laboratory. He is a former member of the Immunopathology Council of the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) who served as the primary or participating faculty in numerous workshops at national ASCP meetings since 1987. He is currently a member of the Resident In Service Examination (RISE) Committee of the ASCP and the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.

Research Interest

His current research interests include the diagnosis and pathogenesis of diseases of hemostasis.


Scientific Activities:

Special Awards and Other Honors:
  1. CRC Achievement Award in Chemistry, Frostburg State College, 1968
  2. Senior Honor Award in Biological Sciences, Frostburg State College, 1971
  3. Scholar of the New York Life Insurance Company, 1975-1978
  4. Medical Student Summer Research Fellow, West Virginia University School of Medicine, 1975
  5. Nominee, National Board of Medical Examiners, 1991
  6. Faculty Mentor in Instructional Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1998
  7. Recipient, Saul Kay Award, Department of Pathology, VCU Medical Center, Richmond, VA, 2004



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