Fritz Edward Lower
Associate Professor
  • Department of Internal Medicine
    University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, IowaCity
    Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
    Phone: 319-353-7093



“Grigore T Popa” School of Medicine, Romania

Medical School


Suceava County Hospital, Romania

Clinical Internship


 “Carol Davila” School of Medicine, Romania

Internal Medicine Residency


University of Missouri in Kansas City

Pathology Internship


University of Kentucky, Lexington

Internal Medicine Residency


University of Kentucky, Lexington
Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy, Geisel School of Medicine and Tuck School of Business in Hanover

Nephrology Fellowship
Master of Science in
Health Care Delivery


Suceava County Hospital, Romania

Clinical Internship



Mony Fraer, MD, MHCDS, FACP, FASN have been working as an academic nephrologist since finishing my residency in 2005. The clinical part of his work involves all aspects of care for patients with kidney diseases (including transplant, kidney stones, hypertension and dialysis) both in an inpatient (at all 3 hospitals in the Iowa City area) and outpatient setting; he also continues to have a general internal medicine inpatient exposure. The teaching aspect of his job involves both formal/class as well as bedside/clinical education for trainees at different levels (students, residents of different specialties and nephrology fellows as well as peers - outreach, division and departmental lectures). From an administrative perspective, he have been the medical director for dialysis at University of Iowa since 2015; in this role, he is responsible for the quality and safety, staff education and other aspects of the 7 dialysis units owned by the University; leadership skills in this job involve communication, negotiations across departments and with senior leadership. He is also a quality officer in the department of medicine and solid organ transplant. In preparing for the fundamental changes in health care, he completed a Master in Healthcare Delivery Science through Dartmouth College. With this theoretical knowledge, practical skills, leadership experience and quality and safety background as well with the understanding of ongoing and future healthcare challenges He feels prepared to and would welcome tackling this opportunity.

Research Interest

His current research interests include the Health Care Delivery, IgA Nephropathy, Clinical Pearls in Nephrology.


Scientific Activities:

Special Awards and Other Honors:
  • VA Service Award 2002
  • Internal Medicine Residency: 1st Research Award prize, 2003
  • “Outstanding Resident” voted by the Medicine house staff, 2003
  • Travel grant awarded by Renal Physician Association, 2003
  • Travel grant awarded by National Kidney Foundation, 2005
  • Travel grant awarded by American Society of Nephrology 2007
  • Best Doctors in Arkansas, 2008
  • International Who’s Who, 2009
  • Marquis Who’s Who, 2009
  • Fellow American College of Physicians - distinction earned from colleagues who recognize accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine: excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internist lives and practices, 2009
  • Fellow American Society of Nephrology - members who earn this status have distinguished themselves through professional excellence and achievement. This designation represents recognition by the society of outstanding credentials, meritorious professional accomplishments, demonstrated scholarship, and a commitment to improving kidney health, 2010
  • Excellence in Quality Award, Internal Medicine Quality and Safety Group, University of Iowa Physicians Group (largest multi-specialty medical and surgical group practice in Iowa), 2015



Original Papers, Peer-reviewed
  1. Swapnil Sonkusare, Mony Fraer, James D. Marsh, and Nancy J. Rusch. Disrupting Calcium Channel Expression to Lower Blood Pressure: New Targeting of a Well-Known Channel, Molecular interventions, 2006; 6: 304-310. Impact factor 8.273
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Review Papers, Peer-reviewed
  1. GodelaBrosnahan, Mony Fraer. Chronic Kidney Disease: Whom to Screen and How to Treat, Part 1: Definition, Epidemiology and Laboratory Testing. Southern Medical Journal, 103(2):140-146. February 2010. Impact Factor 0.924.
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Case Reports
  1. J.C. Mathew, D.G. Holanda, T.L. Figanbaum, M. Fraer, C.P. Thomas. Late-Onset BK Viral Nephropathy in a Kidney Transplant recipient. Transplantation proceedings, Volume 46, Issue 7, Pages 2386–2390, September 2014
  2. M. Fraer, M.A. Sekkarie, R. Rao and B.P. Sawaya. Vascular access malfunction due to upper extremity embolization in dialysis patients. Clinical Nephrology, 2008: 69(1): 53-57; case report
  3. Mony Fraer, Adam Campbell, and B. Peter Sawaya. Response to Cyclosporine A in a Patient with Pure Red Cell Aplasia Due to Anti-erythropoietin Alpha Antibodies. Seminars in Dialysis, 2006; 19(3): 251-255; case report.
Book Chapters
  1. Nephrology Secrets, 3rd ed. Chapters 26 and 74: “Management of the Patient with Resistant Edema” and “Volume Disorders”, ISBN-10: 1416033629, June 2011
  2. Cardiology: An Illustrated Textbook (2 Volume Set), Chapter 98: Kidney and the Heart, ISBN-10: 9350252759, 2012
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