Donna M. Mahoney
Donna Mahoney, PhD
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
  • :(847) 969-4940

Argosy University


  • Post-doctoral Fellowship (Emphasis on Child Analysis) The Institute for Psychoanalysis in Chicago
    September 2000-September 2001
  • The Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago, Illinois Doctoral Degree, June 2000    GPA: 3.78
    Dissertation Title: Panic and Self States: An Ethnomethodological Approach
  • Loyola University of Chicago Master of Arts Degree, June 1989 GPA: 3.8
    Thesis: Psychotherapeutic and Theoretical Considerations in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
  • Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Degree, June 1984    GPA: 3.7
    Major: Psychology Minor: Business



Donna Mahoney, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and core faculty member in Clinical Psychology at the Illinois School for Professional Psychology (ISPP) and had been teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses for thirteen years. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work from the Institute for Clinical Social Work (2000) and advanced training at the Institute for Psychoanalysis (2001).  She received her master’s in Counseling Psychology from LoyolaUniversity in 1989.  Dr. Mahoney has taught in the areas of adult development, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, self-psychology, couples and family counseling, psychopathology, ethics and the law, and theories and treatment of anxiety.  Her private practice, located in Barrington IL, specializes in the treatment of anxiety-related disorders and phobias. She has extensive clinical experience, spanning twenty-six years.  Among other presentations on topics related to anxiety, a version of her published article, “Panic Disorder and SelfStates: Clinical and Research Illustrations” was presented at the International Conference for the Psychology of the Self in 1999.  Another paper entitled “An Integrative  Approach Using Qualitative Analysis to Conceptualizing and Treating Complex Trauma” was recently presented at the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences conference (2-9-15) and was accepted for publication on the Journal of Psychoanalytic Social Work in September 2015. Additionally, Dr. Mahoney is on the executive committee for the Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychologists (CAPP), and serves on the editorial board for numerous journals. She also serves as a consultant to clinicians interested in broadening their clinical repertoire in working with anxiety and the treatment of childhood fears and phobias.  Dr. Mahoney’s other interests lie in the theoretical and clinical integration of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral interventions.

Research Interest

  • Anxiety Disorders (panic, phobic disorders, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD);
  • Trauma-Related Disorders, including PTSD, Complex Trauma, The Neurobiology of Trauma;
  • OCD and OCD-Related Disorders (Hoarding, Body Dysmorphic Disorder);
  • Integrative Treatment Models (particularly the theoretical and technical integration of CBT and psychodynamic approaches);
  • The Application of Psychodynamic Theory to Clinical Practice.


Professional Activities:

Academic Work History:

Teaching Positions

  • Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology April 2002 to present
    Illinois School of Professional Psychology (ISPP) at Argosy University/ Schaumburg Campus (some responsibilities at Chicago Campus)
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology Illinois School of Professional Psychology (ISPP) at Argosy University/ Schaumburg and Chicago Campuses
  • Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychology and Counseling Illinois School of Professional Psychology (ISPP) at Argosy University/ Schaumburg and Chicago Campuses
  • Visiting Lecturer June 2003 to June 2008 Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Administrative Positions:

Coordinator of the Clinical Psychology Masters Program (September 2014-Present)

  • Assist students who are experiencing issues (academic and comportment) interfering with successful matriculation.
  • Inform students who intend to earn the terminal Masters degree about licensure issues, possible career options, etc.
  • Work with curriculum committee on issues relevant to the Master’s curriculum (i.e., course sequencing, revisions to the Master’s CCE, etc.).
  • Coordinate with the admissions committee to ensure that appropriate candidates are being selected for PsyD consideration.
  • Coordinate with Masters professionalization group leaders to ensure clear and accurate communication related to program requirements, transfer to the PsyD, etc.
  • Facilitate transfer to the PsyD program by meeting with students and informing them about the requirements for acceptance, the admissions process, etc.

Awards and Honors

  • ISPP Faculty of the Year (2005 and 2006)
  • Listed In:Who’s Who In America (56th. Edition, Fall 2001)

Committee Positions

  • Argosy-Wide Committee Membership Faculty Representative of Student Council (September 2013-Present)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Steering Committee (September 2014-June 2015)
    Work with Dr. David Van Winkle (Campus Accreditation Coordinator) and set up sub-committees to fill in gaps from the self-study
  • Graduation Committee(September 2009 to present) Attend graduation meetings and coordinate graduation faculty marshals Student Conduct Committee(September 2012 to September 2014)
    Counselor Education and Supervision Committees (September 2003 to September 2012):
    Curriculum Committee Admission Committee Student Professional Development Committe

Clinical Psychology Department Committees:

Chairperson of the Multicultural Committee (2011-Present)

  • Increase multicultural awareness and sensitivity by sponsoring events designed to expand diversity awareness
  • Expand student involvement (from three or four students to twelve students), enabling the committee to function with more student involvement and input.
  • Assign students to leadership roles (i.e. Coordinator of Community Events).
  • Active involvement in annual community events (like the Walk to Prevent Suicide, the bakes sale to raise funds for the Tsunami victims, and making donations to the holiday food and toy drives).

Supervision and Consultation Experience(September 2010 to present)

  • Provide supervision and consultation to four Masters level Counselors who need supervised hours for the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) examination

Scholarly Work/Research Groups:

Anxiety Research Group:

  • Lead anxiety group which focuses on providing research opportunities for students and Dr. Mahoney as lead researcher. Research proposals are submitted to local and national conferences, leading to presentations and possibilities for publication in scholarly journals (fall 2015-present).



  1. An integrative approach using qualitative methods to conceptualizing and treating PTSD and complex trauma (co-authors, Dr. Donna Mahoney and Dr. Brandon Markel, submitted to the Journal of Psychoanalytic Social Work, fall 2015)
  2. Mahoney, D. and Wilke, D. (2012). A self psychological view of obsessive-compulsive disorder: Treating the tormented self The Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association.
  3. Russo-West, J., Edwards, J. Jackson, L. & Mahoney, D. (2011). Competencies and coordination: The supervision of mental health counselor interns. The Journal of Counseling in Illinois.
  4. Mahoney, D. (2000). Panic disorder and self states: Clinical and researchillustrations Clinical Social Work Journal (Vol. 20, Number 2)


  1. An integrative model of complex trauma: Neurobiological, cognitive, and self development considerations (co-authors, Dr. Donna Mahoney, Brandon Markel, and Steve Erikson, article submitted to the Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences, fall 2015)
  2. Traumatic narcissism and pathological parenting: A view from object relations and self psychology (co-authors Dr. Donna Mahoney, Lucy Rickspoone, Jennifer Hull and Rosimar Dias, submitted to Practitioner-Scholar: The Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology, fall 2015)

Conference Presentations

  1. Conference Paper Presentation, Psychodynamic Therapy with Traumatized Children and Adolescents, with co-presenter Dr. Ralph Tobias (November 6, 2015)
  2. Poster Presentation, Modifying Assessment Practices in Alzheimer’s Disease Improves Treatment Outcome, with co-presenters Shannon Iverson, Daniel Galbo and Teri Schulz, Aging in America Conference (March 25, 2015)

Conference Paper Presentation

  1. Paper Title: An Integrative Approach Using Qualitative Analysis to Conceptualizing and Treating PTSD and Complex Trauma
  2. American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Conference , Co-Presented with Dr. Brandon Markel (February 9, 2015)

Conference Co-Presenter

  1. Paper Title: The Dread to Repeat: An Integrative Approach for the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration Co-Presented with Dr. Brandon Markel, LCPC (May 2012)

Conference Co-Presenter

  1. Paper Title: Nondirective Therapy with The Older Adult: Barriers to Treatment, Aging In America Conference Co-Presented with Dr. Kevin Kukoleck and Ms. Brittany Murray (March 17, 2010)

Poster Presentation

  1. Title: An Inquiry into the Conflict Resolution Process in the Counselor Supervision System American Counselor Educators and Supervisors Co-presenter Dr. La-Don Jackson (2007)

Paper Presentation

  1. Paper Title: A Reformulation of the Cognitive View of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder National Association of Social Worker (Illinois Chapter) Conference (September 2002)

Workshop Presenter

  1. Paper Title: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Reformulation of the Cognitive View, ContinuingEducation Summer Series, July 2001


  1. Paper Title: A Reformulation of the cognitive view of obsessive-compulsive disorder The Annual Conference at the Institute for Clinical Social Work, February 2001 (co-presented with Ms. Erica Schmidt)

Conference Presenter

  1. Paper Title: Panic Disorder and Self States: Clinical and Research Illustrations International Conference on the Psychology of the Self, November 2000 Moderator: Dr. David Soloman

Conference Presenter

  1. Paper Title: Panic Disorder and Self States: Clinical Illustrations National Federation of Social Work Conference, Washington, DC (1999)




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