Damian Claudio Bendersky, MD
  • Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos Evita
    Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Phone: (5411)4864-3148
    E-mail: damianbendersky@hotmail.com


2009 Medical doctor University of Buenos Aires


He became a physician in 2009 in University of Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Then he completed the Residency of Neurosurgery in Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina) between 2009 and 2014. He did a rotation (visiting and training program) in Functional Neurosurgery and Pain at Hospital das Clínicas, University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2013). Also he did a rotation in Microsurgical Neuroanatomy in the Laboratory of Microsurgical Anatomy of Hospital de Beneficencia Portuguesa, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2013). After that he did a fellowship in Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery in Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina) from 6/1/2014 to 5/31/2015. Nowadays he is a neurosurgeon of Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos Evita (Lanús, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina). Furthermore, he work as a neurosurgeon in the Group of Specialists in Spine Surgery.

Research Interest

  • Interventional pain treatment
  • Spine surgery research.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation and
  • Radiofrequency

Scientific Activities

Professional Activities
  • Neurosurgeon of Clínica La Sagrada Familia (Pain Treatment).
  • Neurosurgeon of ENERI (Pain Treatment).
  • Neurosurgeon of Hospital Naval Pedro Mallo.


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