Anand Kumar
Professor in General Surgery
  • Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University
    Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh , India
    Phone: 09415225588




Research Interest

  • Breast cancer

Scientific Activities

Academic Distinctions / Awards
2013 Dr. K.N. Udupa Endowment Lecture Award of Association of Surgeons of India
2012 Distinguished Senior Surgeon Award of IMA Varanasi, , Eminent Senior Surgical Teacher Award of U.P. Chapter
2004 Association of Surgeons of India
2003 Dr. K.L. Wig Oration of the National Academy of Medical Sciences
2001 Dr. S.P. Srivastava Oncology Oration Award of U.P. Chapter of ASI
1997 - 98 Glaxo Oration of National Academy of Medical Sciences
1996 Dr. K.L. Wig Oration for Advancement of Medical Education
1995-96 UGC Indo-Netherland Cultural Exchange Fellowship
1996 Junior Outstanding Surgical Teacher Award of U.P. Chapter, Association of Surgeons of India
Professional / teaching experience
Medical Superintendent Sir Sunderlal Hospital Banaras Hindu University nearly for 6 years
Former Head of the Department Department of General Surgery B.H.U
Visiting Professor & Head Department of Surgery B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal on deputation (Govt. of India) in 2006
Professor Professor of General Surgery Banaras Hindu University since 1997
Worked as Research Fellow in University of Wales College of Medicine Cardiff, U.K


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