Samy Kamal Metyas
Samy Kamal Metyas, MD, FACR, FACP
Assistant Clinical Professor of Rheumatology

University of Southern California


July 01-June 03          Los Angeles County / University of Southern California , Fellow Rheumatology   (LAC+USC). Board Certified

June  2001                  Seton Hall University, Trinitas Hospital, New Jersey, Internal Medicine Residency. Board Certified

Oct. 1993

University of Menoufiya School of Medicine, Egypt. M. Sc. (Master’s Degree) in Orthopedic Surgery.

Feb. 1989

University of Menoufiya School of Medicine, Egypt. M .D, final grades “Very Good”. Honor-roll student, one of the top ten, graduated 1989.



Dr Metyas is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Southern California, He is also past president of Southern California Rheumatology Society; He is Board Certified Internal medicine and Rheumatology.
He is practicing rheumatology in Covina, California since 2003.
Dr Metyas graduated from Menufiya University, Egypt in 1988, then he received Master degree of orthopedic surgery ( Hand Surgery) in Egypt 1993.
He has multiple publications in peer review journals (12 publications) and presented multiple abstracts in American college of rheumatology meeting and European Congress of Rheumatology, (EULAR) (23 Poster presentations) He is Co-Editor-In Chief of Current Rheumatology Reviews Journal. Member of the journal editorial board of International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, and an invited journal reviewer in Journal of Rheumatology and Journal Clinical Rheumatology
He received multiple honorable awards, including nomination for Hospital Hero award, Certificate of Congressional Recognition, California State Senate Certificate of Recognition. County of Los Angeles Commendation Award, and Peer Satisfaction Award.
Dr. Metyas is conducting multiple clinical trials in different aspects of rheumatology including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gouty arthritis, low back pain, and osteoarthritis.
Dr. Metyas is a director of fibromyalgia program in Casa Colina Rehabilitation Hospital, including new modality of managing fibromyalgia with pharmacological and non pharmacological therapy.
He is national and international speaker for many pharmaceutical companies. He is conducting multiple grand rounds in the community hospitals, and multiple community lectures for patients, He teaches  rheumatology board review for American College of Physician board review course. 
Dr Metyas assembles” The Metyas Hope Team” as a fundraiser for the Los Angeles Arthritis Walk, which is part of The Southern California Arthritis Foundation.
He was interviewed with CNN charter Communication Headline News ( HLN)
And other local private TV channels.


Research Interest

His research interests includes

  1. fibromyalgia
  2. Lupus
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis
  4. gout.


Professional Activities:

Honors and Awards


Outstanding Service Award From Southern California Rheumatology Society  for serving as a president of the Southern California Rheumatology society from 2012-2014.


2014 Top Doctor Club Member Award From Arthritis Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.  


Nominated for Hospital Hero Award from National Health foundation for
Outstanding  achievements and contribution to the hospital and community.


Certificate Of Appreciation Awarded from Arthritis Foundation to Dr Samy
Metyas in recognition of valuable contributions to Arthritis Townhall 2011.


“Award of Distinction for Leadership” presented by Citrus Valley Health
 Partners: Resource Center for Rheumatic Diseases, July 28, 2007.



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