Patrick Honore
Patrick Honore, MD,PhD
Professor and Director

Director of Critical Care Nephrology
Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel


1993 Licence in Internal Medicine:
Grade: Highest Distinction (“Summa Cum Laude).
1994 License in Intensive Care Medicine:
Grade: Highest Distinction (“Summa Cum Laude)
1990-1991 Post Graduate Fellowship at Guy’s Hospital, London
Grade :High Degree
1993-1994 Post Graduate Fellowship at Guy’s ICU Hospital, London
Grade : Highest Degree
1996 Post Graduate Fellowship at Austin and Repatriation Hospital ICU, Melbourne



Patrick Honoré, graduated from Louvain Medical School as MD (1988), Specialist in Internal Medicine (1993), Intensive Care Specialist (1994) and Nephrologist (1995). During his internship, he completed more than 2 1/2 years specialisation in Nephrology and Dialysis. For almost 5 years, he received ICU training abroad (United Kingdom, Australia and USA). Pr Honoré is Board member of the Belgian Intensive Care Society and closely involved in the Nephrology section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. He is also a distinguished member or consultant of many scientific committees and decision-making organizations dedicated to diagnosis, treatment, and research in the field of acute kidney injury in the critically ill. Pr Honoré authored or co-authored more than 155 peer-reviewed papers ,more than 545 abstracts and more than 55 book chapters . He was also editor of three books dedicated to Critical Care Nephrology.He has been invited as a speaker at more than 350 national and international conferences in almost 100 different countries. He acts as reviewer for more than 45 international journals, including top-ranking journals in the field of critical care medicine and nephrology. He is a member of the editorial board of several (15 )high-standard journals. He is also Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Translational Internal Medicine (open access) since 2013, editor-in-chief of Journal of Multidisciplinary Critical Care Medicine & Journal of Translational Kidney Research since 2015 (open access too).Since 2009, he fulltime fulfils the position of Head of Clinics in the Intensive Care department of the University Hospital, Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) and became Clinical Tutor and Senior Lecturer at the VUB Faculty of Medicine.Since 2012, he fulfils the position of Full Professor at the VUB Faculty of Medicine. In the ICU department, he leads the Critical Care Nephrology Platform which incorporates intensivists, nephrologists and nurses dedicated to daily education, research and treatment of acute kidney injury. In particular, he directs and organizes continuous renal replacement therapy on a 24/24; 7/7 on-call basis.He has also start a CRRT program using citrate dedicated to small children (less than 10 kg) in the UZB -PICU since 2013.


Research Interest

  1. Septic shock : new therapeutic strategies.
  2. Hemoadsorption and cytokines removal.
  3. Hemofiltration and anticoagulation.
  4. Early enteral nutrition.
  5. Percutaneous tracheostomy (Ciaglia).
  6. Oxygen delivery in sepsis.
  7. Gram (+) sepsis (toxic shock syndrome ...).
  8. Antibiotic clearance in acute renal failure and CRRT.


Professional Activities:

  1. Elected member for two mandates of 5 years each since 1998 (end 2008) of hospital ethics committee of St-Pierre Ottignies
  2. Elected member & Vice-Chairman of the Hygiene Committee of QAMH since June 2009. Miltary Hospital Queen Astrid,N-O-H
  3. Organizer of Congresses:
  4. Honore PM: Chairman and Organiser of the symposium ‘”Place of the clinical                 pharmacist and the quinolones at the day-break of the 3rd millennium”. Guest speaker :       Prof J. Paladino     Millard  Fillmore Teaching Hospital – Buffalo – New York State        20.11.2000.  Louvain La Neuve (Hôtel Mercure). Co-Chairman : Prof. PM Tulkens (UCL).
  5. Honore PM:Chairman and Organizer of the symposium : “Evolving concepts in invasive fungal infections”.Guest speaker : Prof Ben De Pauw UMC Nymegem.Brussels the 24.01.2001  (Centre de la bande dessinée). Co-Chairman : Prof J Maertens (KU Leuven
  6. Honore PM: Organiser and Discussant of the Nivelles Symposium on Continuous Flow PD : Past, Present, Future (Dr  Richard Amerling Chairman: Mrs Poala Elisabettini Center Baxter R&D Europe,  Nivelles, Belgium , 7 June 2007.
  7. Honore PM: Chairman & Organizer (With Prof Ph Hantson, BLT) of the SIZ-Spring Meeting held the 22 th June 2007 in Auditorium Maisin in UCL Faculty, WSL , BXL. Topic: New Trends in Toxicology in 2007.




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