Naimish N. Mehta
Naimish N Mehta, MBBS, MS, FACRSI, FEBS
Surgeon of GI, HPB & Liver Transplant Surgeon

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


MBBS Mumbai University, October 1994
M.S.(Gen. Surgery) Mumbai University, July 1999
FACRSI Association of Colon and Rectal Surgeons of India, April 2003
FEBS  Diploma in Liver Transplantation, European Board of Surgery, ESOT, 2013



Naimish N. Mehta is an Senior GI, HPB & Liver Transplant Surgeon Attending Out-patients clinic, managing inpatients and operation theatre list (GI and Liver Transplant). Teaching and training DNB (GI surgery) senior residents, liver transplant fellows and junior consultants. 

Research Interest

Liver Transplantation

Professional Activities:

Awards & Prizes.

First position M.S. Gen. Surgery, Mumbai University July 1999
First position Final MBBS, MGM Medical College, October 1994
Distinction Microbiology. April 1993.
Travel Grant FESTA - (Foundation of Endocrine surgery
training and advancement), October 2003  
Travel Grant Liver surgeons training course, Basingstoke, UK.
March 2006  



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