Sribatsa Kumar Mahapatra, FRCS
Professor of General Surgery
  • Veer Surendrasai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
    Odisha, India
    Phone: 094370-25626


1995 FRCS (Edin) Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK
1993 FICS in Surgery International College of Surgeons, Chicago, Illinois, USA
1993 FAIS in Surgery Association of Surgeons of India
1992 FIMSA in Surgery International Medical Science Academy, New Delhi
1988 Diplomate of National Board in Surgery National Board of Examination, New Delhi, India
1982 MS in Surgery PGI, Chandigarh, India
1977 MBBS MKCG Medical College, Odisha, India


Dr. Sribasta Kumar Mahapatra is the pioneer of clinical application of adult mesenchymal stem cells research in India. He has devoted his life for innovating new methodologies for clinical methods in surgery. He has gained worldwide recognition for his innovative ABC technique for carcinoma breast, Cricketing approach to abdomen, sthethescope sign. He is a very religious surgeon and teacher and his religion is y knowledge transfer and patient care. He is very much popular and famous as a teacher and examiner and has given shape to carriers of many surgeons in India as well as to undergraduate medical students. He completed his MBBS (Hons) in 1977 from MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha securing 1st position in University with Hons in SPM and Anatomy. He completed his MS (Surgery) in 1982, from PGI Chandigarh. He qualified Diploma in NB Surgery (1988), FIMSA (Surgery) 1992, FICS (Surgery) 1993, FAIS (Surgery) 1993, FRCS (Edin) General Surgery, 1995. He joined as a Lecturer in General Surgery at VSS Medical College, Burla in 1984, securing 1st position in Orissa Medical Education Service Selection conducted by Public Service Commission, continued as a Lecturer in General Surgery performing teaching, treatment & research activities. Joined as Assistant Professor Since 1992 and served the community by giving comprehensive surgical care in Emergency, Elective & Laparoscopic Surgery and also with outstanding ability in teaching Clinical Surgery to Under-Graduate & Post-Graduate students acclaimed by the students and authority, published research paper STETHOSCOPE SIGN in appendicitis in Surgical Journal of North India. He became Professor of General Surgery since 2007 and is engaged in teaching, treatment & research activities as relates to General Surgery to Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate students & comprehensive surgical care to community. He became Head of the Department of General Surgery on 8th October 2013 to 7th October 2015 (2 years) with teaching, treatment, research and administrative duties assigned to the post. He Published surgical clinics of VSS Medical College Proceedings in 2014 and 2015. He has more than 32 years of experience in teaching and research field for which he is awarded with Dr. BP MISHRA ORATION AWARD-2015 and Dr. GS DAS MOHAPATRA ORATION AWARD-2013. He is serving as a Guide & Honorary Adviser to Department of Biotechnology and tissue engineering at NIT Rourkela and as a Research Guide to Under-Graduates and Post-Graduate students in Surgery. He is renowned and distinguished speaker in many international conferences and is well known for his presentations on the use of autologous bone marrow therapy in different clinical scenario in various international conferences worldwide. His recent presentation of research work on the Our experience with autologous bone marrow therapy to Breast flap following modified radical mastectomy to prevent flap complications in world congress of Breast Cancer at Phoenix, USA on September 2016 is a new innovative research work appreciated worldwide. He is a milestone in the field of clinical application of stem cell research. He is famous for his surgical skills and capability to handle all types of complicated and critical cases in India. He is known for his love towards patients, students and colleagues.

Research Interests

  • Clinical application of Autologous bone marrow therapy in diabetic foot ulcer, sickle cell ulcer, peripheral vascular disease, non healing ulcers, burn patients, carcinoma breast, complex fistula, keloid.
  • Trauma care and Emergency surgery.

Scientific Activities

Teaching Experience
2013-2015 Professor And HOD of General Surgery, VSS Medical College, Odisha, India
2007-Present Professor of General Surgery
1992-Present Assistant Professor of General Surgery
1984 Lecturer of General Surgery, VSS Medical College, Odisha, India
Professional Activities

Membership For Professional Organizations

  • Life Member of Association of Surgeons of India.
  • Life Member of Indian Medical Association.
  • Life Member of Indian Association of Gastro Intestinal Endo Surgeons.
  • Life Member of Endocrine Surgeons of India.
  • Life Member of Indian Association of Minimal Invasive Surgeons.
  • Life Member of Association of Critical Care Medicine of India.
  • Life Member of Indian Hernia Society.
  • Life Member of Society of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Society of India.
Honors & Awards
  • Abdul Subha Khan Prize for securing 1st position in final MBBS
  • Several prizes in Debates & Essay Competitions.
  • Pfizer Gold Medal in Surgery during PG Course at PGI Chandigarh.
  • Best Graduate Gold Medal from Berhampur University.
  • Gold Medal in Surgery for securing highest position.
  • Medical College Merit Scholarship during undergraduate career.
  • Honors in Anatomy
  • Honors in Community Medicine.


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