Breast Cancer Research and Advancements-Sci Forschen

About the Journal

Journal of Breast Cancer Research and Advancements (JBCRA) promotes significant advances in our understanding of science in Breast tissue tumorigenesis, Molecular Oncology of human tumors, translational research in the clinic, and patient response to new therapeutic methodologies. The Editorial Board actively seeks to be a premier source of vital knowledge by promoting excellence in research and assisting in appropriate translation of that science to health care and clinical practice. Core areas of interest of JBCRA include the Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology of Cancer, Hormones and Cancer, Radiation Biology, Molecular Pathology, Metastasis, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Cell Therapy, personalized Breast Cancer Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy. The journal specifically focuses on advances in studies multiple areas and across early detection, diagnosis, and prevention of mammary gland tumors.