Muhammad A. Mir
Muhammad A. Mir
Assistant Professor

Deapartment of Medicine
Penn State University


2003-04 Internship:  Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
2004-07 Residency: Medicine, University at Buffalo, NY
2007-09 Fellowship: Hematology, University at Buffalo, NY
2013-14 Fellowship: Blood & Marrow Transplant, Mayo Clinic, MN



Hematology training at State University of New York in Buffalo.  Completed a Stem Cell Transplant Fellowship at Mayo Clinic. Joined Penn State University as Assistant Professor in 2014.


Research Interest

Alternate donor stem cell transplantation and immunotherapies for Lymphoid disorders


Professional Activities:

  1. J. Frederick Painton MD Award for “Excellence in Teaching” UB, 2007
  2. Govt. of Punjab Higher Education Scholarship for Outstanding Student
  3. Medal of Research National Physiological Society 1998
  4. Silver Medal of Distinction for District Education Board 1993
  5. Josephian’s Award for Valedictorian 1992



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