Eloisa UrrechagaIgartua
Eloisa UrrechagaIgartua
Associate Professor

Galdakao-Usansolo Hospital


1981 Bachelor degree in Biochemistry: University of the Basque Country
2008 Researcher Department of Functional and Molecular Biology.University of Oviedo
2010 PhD degree, University of Zaragoza
2011 Associated Professor University of the Basque Country
2014 Tutorial for Medicine Laboratory




Research Interest

  1. Medicine Laboratory
  2. Clinical Analysis technology
  3. Robotics in Hematology
  4. Iron and Anemia
  5. Erythropoiesis
  6. Glycohemoglobin


Professional Activities:

  1. 1.1991 - 1992, the pharmacokinetics laboratory integrated in the Clinical Research Unit of the Hospital Central de Asturias, collaborated in the project's research 91 / 0334, financed by the Fund for health research, study of the pharmacokinetics of the Novantrone.  clinical - pharmacokinetic correlations.
  2. 1996 he worked on the project F.I.S. 93 / 0143 study of the pharmacokinetics of doxorubicin and epirubicin in patients with liver metastases.

Projects funded by the Research Commission (Hospital Galdakao – Usansolo):

  1. Study the mutations of β Thalassemia in the population in the Interior region of Biscay (2002-2004). GlycoHemoglobin in acute coronary syndromes (2006).
  2. New haematological parameters applied to the monitoring of therapy with r-HuEPO  (2007-2008).
  3. New haematological parameters for the study of the metabolism of iron and monitoring of therapy (2010).
  4. Erythrocyte and reticulocyte indices in the assessment of erythropoiesis activity and iron availability in HD patients (2012)



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