Athina  Lavrentieva
Athina Lavrentieva
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University General Hospital of Thessaloniki, AHEPA


2008 University of California, Burn ICU Burn care, prof. D. Greenhalgh
2012 Brussels, Erasmus Hospital Course in heart ultrasound in ICU patients , prof.  De Backer D.



Specialisation in Anaesthesiology, AHEPA University Hospital, specialisation in Intensive Care medicine, AHEPA University, Thessaloniki, Greece.Ph.D diploma, Title of thesis “Coagulation abnormalities in burn patients”Postgraduate education: University of California, Burn ICU, Brussels, Erasmus Hospital.Clinical director in General ICU patients and in  Burn ICU in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Member of the Hellenic Society of Intensive Care Medicine, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine,  International Society for Burn Injuries. Editorial Board Member in Burns, Journal of International Society for Burn Injuries

Reviewer in: Burns, Intensive Care Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Indian J Crit Care Med, American Journal of Nephrology, BMC Nephrology, Hippokratia, SOJ Anesthesiology & Pain Management, Pediatric Nephrology


Research Interest

Main area of interest in research: burn care, inflammation, sepsis, coagulation, nutrition, acute kidney injury.


Professional Activities:

 She is a Member of Hellenic Society of Intensive Care Medicine.,Member of European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.,Member of International Society for Burn Injuries.


Lecturer in the educational program of Committee for European education in Anaesthesiology and in the Educational program in Emergency medicine.



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