Xiaoyu Yang
Xiaoyu Yang
Principal Scientist
  • :(908) 740-6568

Bioprocess Development
Merck Research Laboratories


1993-2000   Post-Doc Harvard Medical School Immunology and Virology
1993 Ph.D. Washington State University Biochemistry and Biophysics
1985 M.S. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China Biochemistry and Physiology
1982 B.S. Hainan University, Hainan, China Biology



Xiaoyu Yang, Ph.D. is a principal scientist inBioprocess Development, Merck Research Laboratories.Xiaoyu received a Ph.D in Biochemistry and Physics from Washington State University and later was trained in Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber Cancer Institute for postdoctoral studies in HIV virology.  Since joining Merck, Xiaoyuhas had extensive experience in protein purification and analytics for various biologic drugs.  He currently is a project leader in analytical development for mAbs, and has developed various analytical methods involved in extended characterization of antibodies and other proteins.  Xiaoyu also leads multiple analytical teams in generating critical data for BLA submissions.He has provided key technical expertise and support in solving drug substance and drug product related issues and challenges.

Research Interest

Biologics are a wide range of products such as vaccines, blood and blood components,, somatic cells, gene therapy, tissues, and recombinant therapeutic proteins for treating different human diseases. My research interests include understanding and analysis of protein aggregation, post-translational modifications (glycosylation, oxidation, deamidation, and isomerization), structural stability in the biologics, such as therapeutic mAbs and insulins.  Research focus is development of the analytical methodologies including reverse phase chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, size exclusion chromatography on HPLC or UPLC, light scattering, CD, fluorescence and IR spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry to analyze biologic products during different stages of biologic production.

Professional Activities:

Honors and Awards

  • Level 3 shining performance award: glycan analysis
  • Schering PharmSci Excellence Award
  • Schering Level 3 shining performance award: recent patent granted
  • Schering Level 3 shining performance award: innovative work on RCA detection technology
  • Recipient of Harvard AIDS Training Grant Fellowship
  • Graduate Fellowship
  • Best Student Paper Award of Washington State University
  • Recipient of Best Student Award



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*corresponding author

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*co-first author

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