Wong, Man Shing Ricky
Wong, Man Shing Ricky
  • :(852)3411-7069

Department of Chemistry
Hong Kong Baptist University


9/88−8/92 Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, Texas, U.S.A.



Ricky M. S. Wong is a Professor of the Chemistry Department at the Hong Kong Baptist University.He received his PhD degree from The University of Texas, Austin USA in 1992. He was a Marion-Merrell-Dow/Université Louis Pasteur Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Université Louis Pasteur, France.After postdoctoral research at Institute of Quantum Electronics, ETH-Zürich, Switzerland, he joined the Research School of Physical Sciences &Engineering, Australian National University as a research fellow and then moved to Hong Kong Baptist University in 1998 as an assistant professor.

Research Interest

His research interests are mainly in the areas of functional molecular materials and supramolecular chemistry and organic synthesis.

Professional Activities:

7/2013 Visiting Professor at Shanxi University supported by Shanxi “Hundred Talent Program” 11/2013−
5/10−2015 HKBU-UIC Joint Institute of Research Studies Fellow
1−30/6/2008 Professor invité, Faculté de Chimie, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France 97−1998
92−1993 Recipient of Marion-Merrell-Dow/Université Louis Pasteur Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from French Academy of Science
1990−present Member of the American Chemical Society
7/2013− Visiting Professor at Shanxi University supported by Shanxi “Hundred Talent Program” 11/2013−
5/10−2015 HKBU-UIC Joint Institute of Research Studies Fellow



PUBLICATION RECORD: (>130 SCI publications, h-index = 34, total citation > 3390)

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