Damien Cressier
Damien Cressier

Organic and analytical chemistry
Nuclear sciences for health


Ph-D in organic and medicinal chemistry at the University of Toulouse (France)in 2010


Damien Cressier is graduated from the National Graduate School of Chemistry of Montpellier (ENSCM, France) and specialized in organic chemistry. He additional hold a MSc in Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Montpellier in 2007. Funded by the French Armament Procurement Agency (DGA),.

With a deep knowledge and hands-on experience in characterization of small molecules according to conventional methods,he focused his career on the challenge of the radiochemistry and radiobiology in 2010,joining the “Imaging and Therapeutical Strategies in Cerebral and Tumoral pathologies (ISTCT)” team in Cyceron (University of Caen and CNRS, Caen, France).

Research Interest

Damien Cressier has performed his research projects at the interface between nuclear sciences, engineering, chemistry, radiochemistry and biology.
As an organic chemist, he is skilled in multi-step synthesisof small molecules(heterocycles, nucleosides…) and in fluorine, organosulfur, organometallic (germanium, silicium) and complexationchemistry. Throughout his professional experiences, he developed deep knowledge in the characterization of novel molecules by NMR, MS, MS/MS, UV, IR...
His research themes in the field of the nuclear sciences included the development of methods to separate and purify radionuclides by SPE (mineral oxide sorbent, normal and inverse phase, ion exchange) and to check their purity (γ spectrometry, ICP-MS). Moreover, he developed and validated automated processes for radiotracer (18F, 68Ga, 11C…) production and implemented advanced analytical applications such as HPLC, radio-HPLC and LC/MS methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis of radiopharmaceuticals.
His research experiences in medicinal chemistry were performed in the context of neurodegenerative diseases and early detection of primary tumor and metastases. Damien is involved in in vitro and in vivo biological evaluations of the productsincluding determination of antioxidant properties of molecules, chemical protection of DNA against ROS, stability and biodistribution of drugs,radiometabolism studies, imaging techniques(autoradiography and fluorescence staining, µPET)

Professional Activities:

Responsible for:

Project management of gallium-68 subpart (chemistry and biology)o Coordination between drug production and biological testing
1.Biological data management and interpretation

Technical execution:

Module installing, setting-up and programming
Development, optimization and routine radiolabeling of [68Ga]-PIB derivatives (Eckert et Ziegler, Modular Lab)
Biodistribution, radiometabolism…
Nuclear imaging
in vitro (mice and human brain tissues: autoradiography and fluorescence staining)
in vivo (Siemens Inveon, µPET and Scanner)



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    Oral communications
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