Ahmet Cem Dural
Ahmet Cem Dural
General Surgeon
  • :+90 533 494-2969

Department of General Surgery
Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training & Research Hospital


1997 - 2003

Medical Doctor

Istanbul University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey

2003 - 2008 General Surgery Resident Istanbul University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
2014 Research Fellow Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Endocrinology and Metabolism Institute, Center for Endocrine
Surgery, Cleveland, OH, USA
2015 Fellow, Endocrine Surgery Karolinska University Hospital, Department of Breast and Endocrine Surgery, Solna, Stockholm
County, Sweden



Dr. Ahmet Cem Dural is a General Surgeon in Department of Surgery,Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training & Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. Heis author of many publications indexed on PubMed, and peer-reviewer ofnational and international journals. After completing residency program inGeneral Surgery, he was assigned as staff surgeon for compulsory service to Igdir Public Hospital and served between 2009-2011. He was appointed toBakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training & Research Hospital in 2012.He worked as postdoctoral research fellow at Cleveland Clinic, Division
of Endocrine Surgery, Cleveland, OH, Unites States in 2014. He achieved thetravelling fellowship grant of European Association for Endoscopic Surgeryand worked as clinical fellow at Karolinska University Hospital, Department of
Breast and Endocrine Surgery, Stockholm, Sweden in 2015. He achieved theEuropean Board of Endocrine Surgery in May 2015.He is currently working as consultant surgeon in endocrine surgery inhis department. He is member of Turkish Surgical Association, TurkishAssociation of Endocrine Surgery, European Society of Endocrine Surgeons,
European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, American Association ofEndocrine Surgeons and fellow of American College of Surgeons.

Research Interest

My research interests are particularly endocrine surgery, minimally invasive and robotic surgery, intraoperative nerve monitoring for neck surgery, endoscopic procedures, surgical education, surgical simulators, simulator lab and also patient safety. 

Professional Activities:

  1. Staff Surgeon 2009 – 2011
    Igdir Public Hospital, Igdir, Turkey
    Had broad experience with a very busy surgical schedule as a part of 18 months long mandatory government service
  2. Vice-Head Physician 2011 – 2012
    Igdir Public Hospital, Igdir, Turkey
    Responsible for the chancellery, personnel administration and personnel matters.
  3. Staff Surgeon 2012 – 2015
    Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
    Performed advanced, minimally invasive procedures mostly on the field of Endocrine Surgery
    Completed training in robotic surgery
  4. Consultant Surgeon, Endocrine Surgery- 2015 Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis with low molecular weight heparins in polytraumatized patients in intensive care unit (Extended Serie). Kurtoglu M, Buyukkurt D, Kurtoglu M, Dural C, Akar U, Guloglu R. Ulus Travma Derg. 2003 Jan; 9(1): 37-44
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