Professional Activities:

A. Positions and Honors
Academic Positions
2013 -              Adjunct Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center
2012 -              Adjunct Professor, Department of Pathology and Cell Biology PhD Program, Columbia University Medical Center
2012 -              Edwin S. Robinson Endowed Chair, Columbia University
2011 -              Co-Director, Center for Craniofacial Regeneration
2009 - 2011      Edward V. Zegarelli Endowed Chair, Columbia University
2007 -              Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University
2007 -              Professor with tenure, Columbia University
2007 -              Director, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory (TERML), Columbia University Medical Center
2007 -              Professor of Dental Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University
2000 - 2006     Associate Professor with tenure (2003), University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
1996 - 2000     Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, USA
1993 -1996      Resident, Research Project: Matrix expression of proteoglycans in synovial joint, Canada.
1992 -1993       Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuromuscular Regeneration, Canada.
1987 -1992      PhD student, Muscle and bone adaptation to mechanical stress, Canada
1983 - 1987     Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Chief Resident and Attending, China.

Other Positions (Past 3 years only)
2014                Member, Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering Study Section, NIH/NIDCR
2014                Member, NIH/NIDCR Special Emphasis Panel
2014                Member, NIH Director's Innovator Grant Panel
2013                Chair, Member Conflicts Panel, NIH/CSR (ROl proposals from Study Section members)
2013               Member, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Dental, Bone, Muscle, Rehabilitation, Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering Panel,
2013                Member Conflicts Panel, Skeletal Regeneration and Repair
2013                Member Conflicts Panel, Craniofacial biology and tissue engineering
2012               Chair, Special Emphasis Panel on Microphysiological Systems, NIH/CSR Bioengineering Sciences and Technologies Study
2012                Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering (MTE) Ad hoc member
2012                NIAMS Special Emphasis Panel (Member conflicts)
2012                NIBIB Special Emphasis Panel (Member conflicts)
2012                NIH Director's InnovatorAward panelist
2011                NIAMS Special Emphasis Panel (Member conflicts)
2011                Chair, Regenerative Medicine/Dentistry, Gordon Conference on Bone and Teeth
2011                NIDCR Special Emphasis Panel (Member conflicts)
2011                Conference Chair, The First International Conference on Dental and Craniofacial Stem Cells (ICDCSC)
2011                NIDCR Conference grant Special Emphasis Panel
2011                NIBIB Special Review Panel
2011                NIH Study Section on Translational Research
2011                 NIH Study Section on Small Business Innovation Research
2010                Co-Chair, NIAMS/NIBIB/NIDCR sponsored Workshop on Bone Regeneration and Bone Tissue Engineering
2010                Chair and Co-Organizer, Symposium on Regeneration by Endogenous Cell Homing, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative
                        Medicine International Society (TERMIS) Annual Conference
2010                 NIH Director's InnovatorAward Panelist
2010                 NIAMS Special Emphasis Panel (Member conflicts)
2010                 NIAMS Special Emphasis Panel (CORT)
2010                 NIH Directors Pioneer Award Panelist
2010                 NIH Small Business Innovation Research Grant Review Panel
2009 -               National Health Research Institute (Taiwan)
2009 -               Chair, NIH/CSR Study Section
2009                 U.S. Department of Defense Regenerative Medicine Panel
2009 -               China Natural Science Foundation
2009                 NIH Stimulus Grants Review Panel
2009                 NIH Small Business Innovation Research Panel
2008                 NIH Director's Pioneer Award Panelist
2009                 US Army Review Panel
2009                 NIH/NIDCR Panel on Conference Grants
2009                 NIH/NIAMS Panel on SBIR/STTR
2009                 NIH/NIDCR Panel on Clinical Trials
2009                 DOD Review Panel, Chair

Honors and Awards

Distinguished Scientist Award, New York University College of Dentistry; Edward V. Zegarelli Endowed Chair, Columbia University; Fellow, American Institute of Biological and Medical Engineers; William Gies Award, IADR/ADEA; Yasuda Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research, Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine; Henry Spenadel Award; Number 1 of Top 20 Most Cited Papers – Stem
Cells and Development; Number 1 of Top 50 Most Read Papers – Journal of Dental Research; Best Paper Series, Methods in Enzymology; UPMC Medical Research Award; Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative Research Development Award; Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award, Wuhan University; Whitaker Fellow, Whitaker Foundation


Jeremy J. Mao


  • DEPARTMENTDepartment of Biomedical Sciences
    Columbia University