Professional Activities

Professional History and Appointments

  • July 2007: Professor, Department of Diagnostic Medicine/ Pathobiology, Kansas State University.       
  • July 2001-June 2007: Associate Professor, Department of Diagnostic Medicine/ Pathobiology, Kansas State University.
  • August 1998-June, 2001: Associate Professor, Department of Biology-Microbiology, South Dakota State University.
  • August 1994-July 1998: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology-Microbiology, South Dakota State University.
  • November 1990-July 1994: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Microbiology, University of Minnesota.
  • October 1989-October 1990: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacology, University of Minnesota.
  • September 1985-September 1989: University of New Mexico (graduate school)
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Microbiology
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology
  • Instructor, Department of Biology

Professional Activities and Awards

2014- Executive committee, Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance (GARA)
2014- Member, NBAF Transition BDM Working Group
2014- External advisor, STEC-CAP
2013- Executive director, North American PRRS Symposium, Chicago
2013 Executive director and co-chair, International PRRS Symposium, Beijing
2012 Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award, Kansas State University
2012 Recognized as Professor of the Week at the Kansas State-Texas football game
2011 Genome Canada- Phenomic Resources for Genomics of Swine Health Project Management Committee
2011 Guest editor, PLoS Pathogens
2010         Member, Planning Committee International Nidovirus Symposium
2010 U.S. representative, MAF Expert Working Group on PRRS Risk
2010 Guest editor, special issue of Virus Research on PRRS
2010-2012 Executive director, International PRRS Symposium
2010-2014 Associate director, Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases (CEEZAD)
2010- Advisory board member, Midwest Research Center of Excellence (MRCE)
2010                Panel member, USDA National Needs Fellowship Program
2010- External advisory board member, PoRRSCon
2009-2010 Panel member, AI CAP proposal review
2009 Panel member, USDA Animal Health and Well-being
2009-  Co-director, PRRS Host Genetics Consortium
2008-2013 Director, USDA PRRS Coordinated Agricultural Project (PRRS CAP)
2008-2009 Proceedings editor, International PRRS Symposium
2007 Pfizer Researcher of the Year Award, College of Veterinary Medicine
2006-2007 Chair, 2007 International PRRS Symposium
2006-2007 Chair, USDA North Central Committee on PRRS, NC-229
2005-2006 NIH study section IDM-G90 (viral diseases)
2004-2005 Secretary, USDA North Central Committee on PRRS, NC-229
2004 Guest editor, special issue of Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology
2004 Member, USDA study panel on CAP funding
2004 Elected member of Phi Zeta Veterinary Research Honor Society
1993-1994 American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow
1990-1993 NIH National Cancer Institute Postdoctoral Training Fellowship
1989 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society member


Kansas State University (2001- present)


  • DMP 680- Problems in Pathobiology

Graduate Course

  • DMP 910-Viral Pathogenesis (course coordinator)      

Veterinary Curriculum

  • DMP 722-Veterinary Virology (6 lectures on introductory virology)

Online Curriculum

  • Course coordinator for proposed online course in Veterinary Virology

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses (1994-2001, South Dakota State University)

  • Immunology- Lecture and Laboratory
  • Molecular Microbial Genetics-Laboratory
  • Medical Microbiology- Lecture and Laboratory
  • Microbial Pathogenesis-Lecture and Laboratory
  • Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
  • Graduate technique courses in molecular biology


Raymond Robert R Rowland, PhD

Professor of
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology


  • :785-532-4631

  • DEPARTMENTKansas State University