Research Interest

Research Interest: Stem Cell, Cancer, Drug Resistance, and Drug Discovery

Dr. Chen’s research interests involve the regulation of cell death and survival signals in mammalian cells, particularly in cancer and neuronal cells. He study genetic and epigenetic control of molecular pathways that determine cytotoxic drug sensitivity in human cancer cells and dopaminergic neurons, with a focus on the identification of therapeutic approaches to circumventing clinical drug resistance in cancer patients and to treating Parkinson’s diseases.

     His current research focuses on characterizing pluripotent stem cells and identifying critical genetic and biochemical pathways that control genome stability, cellular stresses, cell growth, and differentiation. He is using pluripotent stem cells as a model system to understand the complexities of human diseases such as cancer and neurological diseases. He is interested in applying the stem cell knowledge and technology in understanding the cell death and survival mechanisms in cancer cells and in neurons.

Kevin Gang Chen

Adjunct Associate Professor


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  • DEPARTMENTGeorgetown University Medical Center
    Staff Scientist
    NIH Stem Cell Unit
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