Professional Activities:

Teaching activities

2011-2014 “Liver progenitors and liver diseases”; teaching for Masters “Biomedical Science” at VUB (Topics in Biomedical research);
2008-2012 “Isolation and characterization of hepatic cells”; practical training for 3rd Bachelor “Biomedical Sciences” (Medical line 2) at VUB;
2008-2009 “Bio-artificial liver- or the holy grail of organ replacement”; teaching for Master “Bio-Engineering Sciences” at VUB;
2004-2006 “Mechanisms of oncogenesis and antitumor strategies”; teaching (15hrs) at the Faculty of Medicine Paris XI, and Pierre & Marie Curie Institute Paris V, for Masters of Cancerology, Biology and Innovating therapies of main functions”;
2001 and 2002 “Study of the stimulation of growth factors by 2D-gels”; Tempory Assistant Researcher (25hrs) for Masters of Cell Biology, INSERM U908 Growth Factor Signaling in Breast Cancer, University of Lille, France


Dollé Laurent

Assistant Research Professor


  • : 0468160054

  • DEPARTMENTDepartment of Biomedical Sciences
    University Brussels (VUB)
  • COUNTRY Belgium