Professional Activities

1991-1992 General Hospital General practice, Belgrade, Serbia (I have completed the mandatory General practice as volunteer).  
  1993-2001            University Children's Hospital (UDK), Department of Haematology & Oncology, Belgrade, Serbia (I have started volunteer specialisation in paediatrics at UDK at 1993 which was revised to employment specialisation at UDK at 1996)                                   
2001- Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade- Clinic of Gynaecology Obstetrics
Department of Neonatology-NICU, Belgrade, Serbia (2005-2009 Head of NICU, 2009- Consultant Paediatrician-Neonatologist)
2012    Lecturer of Neonatology at the School of Medicine
University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia.



1992-1997                   University Children’s Hospital (specialisation in paediatrics), Belgrade, Serbia
1995 Institute of digestive disease – Intensive abdominal ultrasound course-
Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia.
2002 – 2003    University Children's Hospital (UDK), (subspecialisation in neonatology),Belgrade, Serbia).
2003 Institute for Mother and Child (subspecialisation in neonatology), Belgrade, Serbia).
2003      Institute of neonatology (subspecialisation in neonatology), Belgrade, Serbia.
2003    Baby Friendly Initiative-UNICEF, Belgrade, Serbia.
2004    Practical cardiology for the intensivist-4th Special topics in paediatric cardiac intensive care National Heart & Lung Institute- Imperial College, London,UK.
2006 Alexander Hospital, Iaso Hospital and Elena Hospital, Athens, Greece.
2007 Salzburg Medical Seminar – Maternal &Infant Health, Salzburg, Austria.
2007   Christoffel Blindenmission_ROP workshop_Novi Sad, Serbia.
2008 Problems of neonataology in developing countries –workshop, Wirzburg, Germany.
2008 Optimal nutrition for very immature infants-workshop Wirzburg, Germany.
2008 Problems of neonatology in developing countries-workshop Wirzburg, Germany.
2010    Intensive fetal cardiology course, UCL Institute of Child Health
2010 ISOUG - Fetal  Neurosonography, Echocardiography and Syndromes,
Novi Sad, Serbia.
2011    Perinatal Masterclass - Advances course in perinatal cardiology
Imperial College & Queen Charlotte’s Hospital & Hammersmith Hospital Campus, London, UK.
2011 Circulation and brain injury-workshop Wirzburg, Germany.
2011 Optimizing neonatal nutrition-workshop Wirzburg, Germany.
2008 General Hospital of Salzburg - Neonatal Intensive Care, Salzburg,   Austria.
2008 Morgan Stanely Children’s Hospital of New York
-Presbyterian- Columbia University New York, New York, USA.
2012             Regional Hospital (LKH-Landeskrankenhaus) - Neonatal Intensive Care, Graz, Austria.
2013      Course of Neonatal and Paediatric Ventilation, UCL Institute of Child Health, London UK.


  1. The Serbian Medical Chamber
  2. The Serbian Medical Society - Perinatal Division (member of the Presidency last 6 years)
  3. The Serbia & Montenegro Association of Perinatal Medicine
  4. The South East European Society of Perinatal Medicine
  5. Serbian American Medical Association
  6. European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care
  7. European Academy of Paediatric Society

Scientific Review Work:

  • Reviewer for “Vitamins & Trace Elements” OMICS Publishing Group
  • Archives of Disease in Childhood
  • Clinical Medicine Insights: Women's Health -Libertas Academica


brankica vasiljevic



  • : + 381 11 36 35 540

  • DEPARTMENTDepartment of Neonatology
    Clinical Centre of Serbia-Institute of Gynaecology and Obstetrics