Clinical: Dr. Ten's major interest is clinical management of compromised tissue oxygen delivery in critically ill newborn infants. 
Research: Dr. Ten is a leading investigator in the divisional core-laboratory of developmental biology. Dr. Ten's research interests are focused on understanding of mechanisms contributing to cerebral and pulmonary developmental delay in response to exposure to hypoxia-ischemia, hyperoxia and inflammation. His group investigates developmentally defined changes in cellular bioenergetics during pathological insults in brain and lungs. Dr. Ten is a recipient of several honors for his work: Bennet-SilvermannYoung Investigator Award (Columbia University),Young Investigator Award at the International Congress "New Frontiers in Neonatology," Austria and Assistant Professor Basic Science Research Award (Columbia University).


brankica vasiljevic



  • : + 381 11 36 35 540

  • DEPARTMENTDepartment of Neonatology
    Clinical Centre of Serbia-Institute of Gynaecology and Obstetrics