Professional Activities

Positions and Honors

  1. Reviewer (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,   Medicinal Chemistry   Communications, Scientific Reports, South African Journal of Chemistry)
  2. Grant Reviewer (South Africa National Research Foundation)
  3. Member of Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Chartered Chemist
  4. Member of Society for Neuroscience
  5. School of Pharmacy Research Committee, Pharmaceutical Biology and Chemistry Subject Committee (Curtin University)
  6. Australian Postgraduate Award (02/2006–08/2009)
  7. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)     Postgraduate Scholarship (02/2006–02/2009)
  8. John A. Lamberton Scholarship (USyd, 02/2006–02/2009) for “Research Aimed at the Chemical Understanding of Brain Function and Malfuncti”
  9. George Harris Scholarship (Usyd, 2008) for “Contribution to the Research and Teaching Activities in School of Chemistry”
  10. Agnes Campbell Prize in Organic Chemistry (Usyd, 2006–2009) for “Excellence in Organic Chemistry”
  11. University of Sydney Medal (2006) for “Excellence in Academic Performance; B.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology including Honours”
  12. Edna Maude Goulston Prize in Organic Chemistry (Usyd, 2006) for “Highest Mark in Organic Coursework Module”
  13. C H Wilson Prize (Usyd, 2006) for “Honours with First Position in Organic Division”
  14. Inglis Hudson Prize in Third Year Organic Chemistry (Usyd, 2005) for “Best Performer in Third Year Organic Chemistry Examination  Modules in Both Semester 1 and 2”




Hendra Gunosewoyo

Assistant Professor


  • DEPARTMENTDepartment of health sciences
    Curtin University
  • COUNTRYAustralia