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SciForschen is an online journal publication that catalogues open access journals submitted by leading experts in the field of pharmaceuticals. Our peer reviewed and open to all journals makes it easier for researchers to find valuable and verified information about the pharmaceutical related topic of their choice.

A wide number of fields and subjects related to the pharmaceutical industry fall within the scope of this journal, and papers created by renowned personalities in this area have contributed their work to it. Get the latest and extensively verified information about the pharmaceutical industry and the countless cutting edge research projects that are currently undergoing all across the world.

The directory of the Open Access Journals at SCI FORSCHEN

Our expertly maintained journals are carefully categorized into 37 categories at the moment, although we are always on the lookout for even more new categories that we can branch out to and provide our readers with quality articles on some of the most cutting edge research that is going on it the scientific world. Every article submitted to us is extensively peer reviewed. Each line of your text is examined for errors, and every single reference that you have cited is evaluated. As an open access publication, the articles that we publish are very easily accessible to anyone who wishes to use them, and therefore we cannot afford to put an article out there that they may have even the slightest bit of problem or error.

Some highlights of the articles that are published in our journals are:

All published articles are peer reviewed

Are free to access from ScienceDirect and are shared there immediately after being published here

Authors are encouraged to use the Creative Commons Attributes licenses to control copyright over their work

To ensure that the publication record is maintained on the manuscripts that you publish using our services, we use the publishing services of CrossMark.

Charges that you incur when you publish with SCI FORSCHEN

SCI FORSCHEN believes that we need to be transparent when it comes to the services that we offer to the scholarly community. Having a journal peer reviewed, published and forever available on the internet costs us money, hence we require a fee from the authors that wish to have their journals published by us. This fee varies based on the journal for which you have written the article, and you can easily find the price for submission to a journal in their respective categories.