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Are you struggling to submit your paper in English?

Here is the effortless solution: Our kanji experts will make your paper to meet the international standards

Sci Forschen provides you an opportunity to submit the manuscripts in your own language, as it possesses the field-specific experts, to overcome the difficulty regarding submission of your paper or presentation in English.

We provide an excellent translation service for editing and publishing the high-quality research in the manuscript. In every aspect of translation, we have the expertise, brain power, and awareness to produce a text that achieves desirable translation.

Our experts focus every aspect of your manuscript thoroughly, ultimately reproduces your research and vision into reality.
Finally, we identify your tone of voice and replicate your paper by making it universally accessible.

No worries if your time is consuming to submit your manuscript in English and you are thinking to reach your research universally, we are handy with the field-specific experts any time to re-edit your document.

Translation includes unlimited free re-editing of your text.
Our translational service is ready to accept unprocessed manuscripts and also to solve the problems with your translated manuscript. Language shouldn’t be a barrier to getting your quality research published.

Disclaimer: The manuscript translated should be published in any one of the Sci Forschen journals only. Point to be noted is that the translation service is a separate panel, excludes the Editorial panel, as translation is not a part of peer review process. Our Service came forward to assist your Manuscript from the process of translation till the completion of Peer review process.

To make sure every aspect of your manuscript is put to careful scrutiny, we assign it to multiple reviewers who each provide their individual view on the paper. This occurs through a double-blind process. The peer review process is repetitious until the manuscript ready for publishing.

You are obliged to submit your manuscript to any Sci Forschen journals by using this service.

Delivery schedule

To improve the overall clarity with proficient specialized translators from various scientific disciplines offers services that will help modify your manuscript ultimately to meet international publication standards.


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We Offer transparent Pricing, according to the word count of the document prices are mentioned below.

Language Word Count Translation Price Including Publication

200-500 1089 USD
500-1000 1189 USD
1000-2000 1289 USD
2000-3000 1389 USD
3000-5000 1489 USD

Disclaimer: Attachments should consist of the only single article if two articles are attached in a single document only one will be considered for further translation Process.